How to register the warranty of Samsung phones


On many occasions we have given you the keys to follow when we have a new mobile phone in our hands, giving special value to the actions and protection of the device with covers and screen protector, but we do not want to forget about the guarantee. In case we are releasing a Samsung Galaxy mobile we will be able to register your guarantee quickly and easily.

Other brands do not offer these facilities to be able register products officially through the website or with the help of mobile phones. Once our device is registered, the countdown of the duration of the mobile warranty will start from the date marked on the warranty, making Samsung’s services available to us.

Steps to register Samsung mobile warranty

The first thing we should know is that this process can be carried out completely only from the website, although later we will see that we can also help ourselves with our mobile to facilitate the process. We will start by registering or accessing our account in case we already have it created, which we will do through the official Samsung website.

samsung account

Once we have accessed with our credentials, we will be shown a website expressly designed for the registration of new products or to know the status of the warranty from others that we already have from the Samsung firm. In the “My products” section we have access to product registration where in the case of mobiles we will do it by entering the IMEI number that appears on the box.

register samsung mobile

To finish, you will request the purchase date and also attach an image of the mobile bill so that the information can be contracted and validated. From that moment we will be able to see the date on which we made the purchase always from this same website and also request assistance appointments.

Can we register the guarantee on the mobile?

We can do it by following the same steps that we have seen previously in the browser of our smartphone, but in addition to that we will be able to facilitate the process of register warranty through the Samsung Members application that is included in all the company’s mobiles.

register samsung product

  • We start by entering Samsung Members.
  • In the bottom tab we select Help.
  • Then it will take us to a tab where the “Add” button will appear.
  • The next thing we will do is choose the device with the exact model and IMEI number.

To complete the process We will return to the previous steps and we will only have to attach the purchase invoice, because everything else we have already done.

Written by Ruben De la Calle

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