How to remember where the parked car is

Surely on more than one occasion, after parking the car and thinking about our things, when we return for it we do not remember exactly where we had parked it. This means that we have to visit the entire street or streets where we remember having left it. However, things get even worse when it happens to us in a parking lot, since it is much more difficult to have certain references that remind us of where we left the car.

One solution is to memorize the street and take some reference number or establishment, or in the case of a parking lot, the floor, section and number of the space. However, we may forget to write it down or memorize it and on the way back we will find the problem of don’t remember in exact place where we had parked the car.

Well, Google Maps offers us precisely this option among the application’s functions. It allows to quickly save the exact place where we have parked the car so that later we can find it without problems. Even if necessary, it will guide us to the car, since it will take advantage of the GPS or location service of our mobile phone to save the exact location of the vehicle and then tell us how to get there.

Exact location where you have parked on Google Maps

To save the exact location where we have parked, it is necessary to have the location activated on our mobile phone and, of course, the Google Maps app is installed and correctly updated. Next, once we park the car and want to save the place in the app, these are the steps we must follow:

  • We open the Google Maps app. We make sure we have activated the Location on the phone.
  • We wait for the app to locate the exact place where we are, where a blue color point.
  • We touch on that point and we will be shown a screen that informs us of the town and street where we are and three menu options, See nearby places, Share location and Save where you have parked the car.
  • We choose the last option, Save where you have parked the car and the location will be saved automatically.
  • At the bottom of the screen a message will appear indicating that it has been saved correctly and two options, More Information and How to get there.
  • If we tap on More information it will give us the option to change the location, add a parking note, report the remaining time of the hour ticket if we have parked in a site with regulated parking and even add photos of the place where we have parked or the area .

Google Maps

With these additional options we will be able to add important information about the place where we have parked. For example, if we have parked right in front of a well-known store, we can save any detail that helps us locate the site and even add photos of the place so that we can refer to it later when we return to the car.

Another interesting option is the one that allows us to establish the remaining time in the event that we have had to obtain a parking ticket. In this way, with the simple fact of consulting the notification of the place where we have parked the car, we will be able to see the time that we lack for the ticket to be fulfilled.

How to get to the place where we have parked

Once we have saved the place where we have parked, to go back to that exact point all we have to do is tap on the parking notification that we received from Google Maps when saving the location or enter the app again and tap on the icon with the parking P that is shown on the map .

At the bottom, we will see the option How to get, which is the one that we must press so that the app calculates the route and begins to guide us to get to the car. In this case, the app works exactly the same as when we use it to be able to get anywhere on foot, so all we have to do is follow its directions.

park google maps

Without a doubt, it is a very useful function, especially when we park in a large parking area, a place we do not know or a parking lot. Now, taking into account that it is necessary to use the GPS to establish the exact point where we park and get help to get back to the carIf we are in an area where there is no this type of coverage, we may encounter certain problems.

For example, if we leave the car parked in an underground parking where there is no coverage of any kind, we will not be able to save the location. In this case, the best thing to do is save the data of the floor, section and number of the place or take some photos with your mobile phone so that you can consult them later when we look for it again.

“Ok Google” also tells us where we park

He google assistant It can also be of great help to know where we have parked the car. In this way, we can ask you to save the exact place where we left it and later to remind us when we go to pick it up.

For this, it is also necessary that we have the Location function activated on our phone, something that we can do by entering the system settings. Once this is done:

  • We hold down the start button or say “Ok Google
  • Then we can say: “I have parked here”, “Remember where I have parked”, “I have parked on the second floor”, “I have the car in parking A”, “My parking space is A34”. If we prefer, we can also tap on the option Write and indicate the information from the mobile keyboard. Important to note that the first two examples will only work for us if we have the location activated on the mobile.

In this way, by means of voice commands we can ask the Google assistant to save the exact location, using Google Maps, where we have parked the car. Later, when we go to look for it, all we have to do is:

  • We hold down the start button or say “Ok Google
  • We asked: “Where do I have my car?”, “Where have I parked?”, “Do you remember where I have parked?”. On this occasion, we can also tap on the keyboard icon if we prefer to type it.
  • Automatically, the assistant will tell us exactly where we park the vehicle and we will see a map showing the location of the parking.

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