How to remove the Meet tab from the Gmail app


During the pandemic that locked millions of people in their homes, video calling apps became the most used both in the professional and personal fields, giving a functional utility to this type of services that most of us used very punctually.

In a move that doesn’t surprise anyone, Google recently added a new tab called Meet Gmail app to make it much easier for Google Meet users to access the meetings they receive through Gmail. If you don’t use Google Meet for your meetings, here’s how to deactivate it.

    remove Meet from Gmail

The Gmail application allows us to add email accounts from any email service, not just Gmail. The Meet tab only shown when we use a Gmail account, since Google scans our mail to add to this tab the meetings that we have pending, a scan that it cannot do in other mail services.

    remove Meet from Gmail

  • The first thing we must do is access the Settings of the application.
  • Next, we select the email account from which we want to remove the Meet tab (only valid for Gmail accounts).
  • Finally, we go to the option Meet and we deactivate the switch.

When we return to the main Gmail page and select the email account from which we have deactivated it, we will check how the Meet tab has disappeared. To reactivate this tab, we just have to do the same steps by activating the switch.

Google Meet allows us to make video calls of up to 100 people, thus becoming one of the applications that allows the greatest number of participants, together with Zoom and Skype, the applications that offer us the best audio and video quality today and that also offer us a large number of options to work collaboratively.

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