How to remove the silence between songs in Spotify for Android

One of the functions that smartphones have adopted most quickly has been to become, de facto, the music player for most people. Beyond lessons between romantics and music lovers like turntables, there are few music lovers who do not use their mobile to listen to their favorite songs.

Although I have my musical tastes, I usually opt for podcasts. This is something that companies like Spotify are beginning to see as a great line of business even in countries like Spain.

Despite that, there are still times when I prefer music, such as when I’m working, since it allows me to concentrate better and isolate myself from my surroundings, something necessary especially when you work at home. But there is a problem: pauses between songs.

That moment that passes between one song and another and that makes us listen to television or the conversations in our environment makes every three or four minutes momentarily lose the thread of what they wrote.

Just that happened to me writing today and I said to myself “There has to be an option to remove that in Spotify.” What if.

How to skip silences between songs on Spotify using crossfade

How to remove the silence between songs in Spotify for Android

If we look in the Adjustments (1) from the music application we will reach a section where we can activate Crossfade (2) which is an option that overlaps two songs eliminating the space between them. Furthermore, we can control the second (3) how long will that overlap last, like a DJ. The maximum is 12 seconds, but with 5 or 6 it may be enough.

This feature is available in both paid profiles and the free version of Spotify for Android.




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