How to report a bug on iOS or iPadOS 14

Developer betas and public betas are tools that Apple provides to improve its operating systems. Thanks to this type of actions, they manage to debug the code and solve most of the errors of their systems before the official launch. However, for this to happen a full participation and constant attention to find and report the errors that we find. In this post we will teach you how to report bugs you may find on iOS or iPadOS 14 thanks to the Feedback application, installed as standard on all betas published by the big apple.

Record iOS or iPadOS 14 errors in the Feedback app

Developer feedback is vital to further enhance the Apple ecosystem. With Feedback Assistant available on iPhone, iPad, Mac and on the web, it’s easy to submit effective bug reports and request improvements to APIs and tools.

For Apple, community participation is essential to achieve progress in its projects. When public beta programs didn’t exist yet, developers were even more key in improving their operating systems. Years later, after the launch of public betas, the level of error reporting increased as these users ran into usage errors that put Apple on notice.

If you have been one of the brave people who have installed the public beta of iOS or iPadOS 14, macOS Big Sur or watchOS 7 We teach you how to send bug reports to Apple. For this, in all the betas an app is installed that cannot be removed like others that are installed as standard. This application allows us to keep our requests and error records in order.

Thanks to advances in the development of operating systems, it is not necessary to have technical knowledge to send an error, since the system itself collects all the errors in a file and is able to send a diagnostic document to the engineers directly. But before that we have to generate the error and attach the file in question.

The application icon will appear on the second screen of your device with the beta installed Feedback, a purple icon with an exclamation. If we access the app we see a double column. On the left, we see recent activity, our inbox, and our reports sent to Apple. On the right side we see all the content that we access from the left column.

How to send an error from the Feedback app

Submitting a beta bug is easy using the Feedback app. Follow the next steps:

  • For this click on the pencil at the bottom of the app. With this we will begin the process of registering an error.
  • Then we select The operating system with which we relate the error.
  • Once the next screen opens, we will have to complete the entire record.

Within the registry we find basic information related to the title of our mistake. The following is to select in a drop-down the area affected by the error: AirDrop, Apple Pay, Music, Notes, Notifications, etc. In this dropdown are all the sections that may be involved in an error. How much the more precise we are, the better it will be for Apple.

We will also select the type of error we report: unexpected behavior, unexpected shutdown, slow application, battery problem or suggestion. Depending on what we have entered in the basic information we will have a series of specific details in the next section.

  • Then we proceed to describe the error as succinctly as possible. For example: «While in the Notes application, using the X shortcut to create a note closes the application. He had previously deleted two notes and included two images in two other notes. I had Bluetooth turned on, and Apple Pencil also working. ”
  • We must include all the circumstances around the error that may have to do. In my case, having previously deleted notes or having connected devices could have to do. But that is not our function but that of the engineers. But it is essential to record these characteristics so that they can replicate the error.
  • Finally, we have to attach the logs and the sysdiagnose Apple to ask us. These are files autogenerated by the Apple betas that allow us to understand the errors. Click on them and they are attached. In case of having graphic information of the error such as captures or videos we can also attach them.

Once all this is done, we proceed to send the report by pressing ‘Submit’ in the upper right of the box. Once sent, the error will appear in our shipments in the left column and we can see where is the analysis by the engineers? Over time, we will obtain information on whether more users have experienced this error and if it has been fixed in future versions of the betas.

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