How to report messages and contacts on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is an application in which hoaxes and scams are distributed on a regular basis, some of them quite common. For this reason, the app recently has a bot to detect hoaxes, which for many users in Spain can be a good help. Scams are not only a problem in the application, as there can be false profiles as well.

Luckily, on WhatsApp we have the possibility of report messages or report profiles. In this way, the application can take action in this regard and delete such accounts, for example. Although the application has certain limitations when it comes to analyzing the content that we have reported.

Report on WhatsApp: what you have to know

When you report something on WhatsApp, the application you will not be able to see the content that you have sent or received, the one that you are reporting. This is done as a way to guarantee the confidentiality of messages, although the ability to analyze these contents that you are reporting is clearly limited. Typically, the company will ask you to provide all kinds of information about it, such as screenshots of the problem you are reporting.

This type of additional help, give more data (an explanation and attach screenshots), will allow WhatsApp to take action, so it is important to do so. It will allow these profiles to be blocked or expelled, preventing more users from being affected by this type of problem.

In the application we also have two options: report messages or report a contact. It will depend on what you want to do in each case, but it is about the two possibilities that the application provides us in this regard. The way of doing each of these things is different.

How to report messages

If at a certain time you want to report a message or messages on WhatsApp, you have the possibility to do it without too many problems. If you have received content that is conflicting, that is spam or that could even be a crime, reporting it (attaching information and screenshots) allows the application to investigate this:

  1. Open WhatsApp.
  2. Click on the top three vertical dots.
  3. Enter Settings.
  4. Enter Help.
  5. Go to the Contact us section.
  6. Write the problem you are facing.
  7. Add screenshots.
  8. Click Submit.

How to report contacts

If it is a contact what you want to report in the application, we also have such a possibility. When reporting to a contact, the company may take measures, such as blocking or expelling it from the application, if it is considered that it has done so that goes against the rules of the application itself. To report someone, the steps to follow are:

  1. Open WhatsApp.
  2. Enter the conversation you have with that person.
  3. Click on the contact’s name to access their information.
  4. Descend to the end.
  5. Tap report contact.

When you report a contact on WhatsApp, that person is removed from your contact list and is also blocked. So that this person will not be able to send you messages, in individual chats. Yes, it will be possible in those groups where both of you are present, if this is the case. When reporting to said contact, the company also receives the messages that you have exchanged with that person, in order to analyze the situation.

The contact that we have reported will not know at any time that we have done this. WhatsApp could delete your account, although in reality, the chances that this will happen are quite low, so it is likely that even if we report it, nothing will happen and you can continue using the app.

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