How to retrieve the voice dictation of the keyboard on an Android mobile


Over the years we have become accustomed to using mobiles in an unimaginable way not so long ago. Voice dictation on the keyboard is one of the best functions they have, since it allows us to write only with our voice. Something that can sometimes stop working properly, so you can fix it on your Android mobile.

Normally, most Android phones come with Gboard built-in, the keyboard app that is used by default on these phones as a regular keyboard. Sometimes voice dictation stops working in an unexpected way, well, there is a solution that can help you.

Rule out a hardware problem

Although the solution that we are going to give you is based on software, first of all you have to check that the hardware of the phone, or what is the same, the microphone itself, works correctly. To do this, try record a voice note on WhatsApp or record a video with the phone camera.

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If both of us can be heard perfectly, it is evident that the problem is software and not hardware, since the microphone as such works correctly and the mobile phone is able to use it regularly. Well, if this is your case, try the following.

Start from scratch with the keyboard

If you are here it is because most of the solutions given to the mobile keyboard problems have not worked for you. We are talking, for example, about something as common as deleting data from the keyboard app, in this case Gboard, or also clearing the cache. Nor does that allow us to recover this vital functionality of the keyboard on many occasions.

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But there is a more radical solution, and it will not affect us as much, and that allows you to retrieve that dictation by voice from the Google keyboard, and also from any other. We talk about uninstall all your updates. To do this you must do the following:

  • Enter the phone settings
  • Click on “applications / application management”
  • Now go to “Application List”
  • Find Gboard or the keyboard app you use regularly
  • Click on the three vertical points in the upper right

Here we are going to see an option called «uninstall updates»Which is the one that will give us the solution to our problem. What is done with this option is to remove from the system all the updates made in the app, so that it returns to its original version, the one that came with the phone, or the first one that we installed at the time, and that worked then. You will see how immediately you are able to re-dictate your words by voice thanks to the microphone of the phone. Logically you lose the improvements of the latest updates, but if it is a specific problem and there is an update that will correct it, you can install it. But better this than not being able to access voice dictation at any time.

Written by Jorge Sanz

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