How to save battery on Android 11: Settings and options


The latest version of the Android operating system brings with it changes that will affect all smartphones for save battery and thanks to the possibility of testing the beta of Android 11 before anyone else, we show you what options and functions we find. The battery is very important in the devices and its options can make the difference between reaching the end of the day or having to resort to the charger.

We are going to show you what are the options that allow us lengthen the battery in Android 11 and also the steps to configure it once we have it available. In Android stock the steps will be the same although in other layers of customization they could vary in place, position and style.

Activate battery saving in Android 11

A classic in the Android panorama is battery saving, an option that allows us to control the consumption that our mobile phone carried out, limiting its processes. This is done automatically and we just have to activate it to start working. In the section where we will find it we will also see the information about the approximate duration as well as the use of the screen since the last load.

To activate it in Android 11 We have to do it by going to Settings> Battery and choosing the Battery saving option where a new tab will be displayed with the possibility of activating it now or programming it. To program this battery saving mode it will give us two options:

save battery Android 11

  • Battery saving according to routine: Based on artificial intelligence and knowledge of our daily consumption Android 11 can activate saving automatically to prevent the mobile from turning off before charging.
  • According to the percentage. We can establish a percentage so that at this point the savings are automatically activated.

Changes when activating battery saver and recommendations

Before activating battery saving or programming it, Android 11 gives us a series of tips to save battery, such as using dark mode or deactivating the “Ok Google” function. This occurs automatically when you activate battery saver. In addition we can do it in a faster and easier way from the shortcuts just by sliding your finger from the top bar.

android battery 11

Within the battery section we also find an automatic analysis of the battery that will indicate if there is any application making excessive consumption. In our case we get the message that you touch the applications work correctly. In the event that one appears, we can provide a solution with the following option to limit consumption of Android 11 with its settings.

Smart battery is maintained

One of the novelties in battery saving that we saw debut in Android 10 is still present with Android 11, in this case we find it in Settings> Battery and we will find the smart battery button. The commitment of this function is based on make the battery last longer by limiting background processes that we don’t need continuously.


Optimize background applications

The applications do not get rid of the battery saving and it is that beyond the options that we have known, if we go to the Settings> Applications section and select any of them we can adjust the. Default Android 11 already optimizes each of the applications, something that we will check in the battery section within each app but also lets us restrict it.

optimize android apps 11

This option called restrict what it does is to limit processes in a prominent way, which can make us not receive notifications at the cost of saving battery in Android 11. It is only recommended in games or applications where notifications are not important, in a crude way to close their processes and force them to not open.

Written by Ruben De la Calle

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