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How to schedule a video call by Google Meet in Google Calendar

by Tejas Dhawan

Video calls have become our daily bread. In times of pandemic, who hasn’t spent more than an hour hanging up talking to friends and family? Video calls, which already existed but have now become essential, are also essential at work. Millions of professionals are using them today to connect with their coworkers and organize their day to day.

And to be organized, nothing like having on the calendar all the video calls of the day. Lest any of them catch us disheveled. A good option is to schedule video calls in Google Calendar. In fact, Google has its own service: Meet. If you know both tools, today we will tell you how you can schedule a video call by Google Meet through Calendar. Follow the instructions we provide to get it.


Schedule a video call in Google Calendar through Meet

To quickly schedule a video call on Google Calendar through Meet, the service to call through video provided by Google for free, you can do it in the following way:

1. The first thing, of course, is to access Google Calendar. Your calendar will be displayed on a regular basis, so you can get down to work now.

2. Then go to the day you plan to make the video call. Click above. It will be necessary for you to generate a new event and place yourself right in the time slot in which it will take place. You can double-click directly.

3. Go filling the different fields for the appointment organization (check that you do not have to make any changes to the date and time that the video call will take place). Add the location (which in this case will surely be the house of each one), choose if you want to receive a notification to remind you, indicate the color with which it will be shown on the calendar and, if you already have everything, fill in the field for the description.

Here you can include all the information that other people need for the meeting. You can also attach documents or links linked to shared workspaces. And beware, the most important thing is missing: the video call from Google Meet.

4. You will have seen that in blue an option appears that says: Add video call Google Meet. Press here. By pressing this button, a video call will automatically be generated in which up to 100 people can participate, which is no small feat. The system itself will provide you with a link for the meeting that will be shared with all your guests.

It should be noted, however, that only admitted guests by the creator of the meeting may participate in it. Thus, even if the officially invited participants share the link with others, it must be the owner of the event who confirms if they can also participate.

How to schedule a video call by Google Meet in Google Calendar 1

Add the guests and send the call

Have you already added the guests to the event? It is the last thing we will have to do. Click on the space dedicated to the guests and write their names or email addresses. If you already have them scheduled, they will be quickly added to the event.

When you have finished, click on the button save. You will instantly skip a notification to decide if you want to send a notification of the event call to the invited contacts. Choose the option that you consider appropriate and ready.

The event, together with the video call by Google Meet, will have been stored in the calendar and everything will be ready to start when the time comes.

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