How to search, create or join them

You don’t necessarily have to know the people in the conversation to search for Telegram groups. One of the main advantages of the messaging application, unlike other similar ones, is that it is not necessary to have the number of another person to be able to talk to them: we can search for groups by subject or we can search people through a nick or configured username.

Differences between channels and groups

Although when you use the Telegram search engine you will find both, we review the differences between channels and groups to know what to join.

Telegram channels

There are differences between a Telegram channel and a group. The channels are designed for companies or to communicate to a large audience. You can send a message to many people on a channel and they will read to you and there are an unlimited number of members who can be on that channel. In addition, there may also be additional administrators who can help manage the channel, beyond the main one. The channels are designed, for example, to broadcast news from the media or to inform clients, fans, etc. on a specific topic.

There are public and private channels. Audiences can be found easily and can be accessed and joined by anyone. Private ones do not. Private channels can only be accessed if you receive an invitation link to join or the creator adds you to that channel. As we say, there are channel creators or administrators: the channel creator can broadcast messages, delete them, add members, remove them or change everything from the same as the image, the name or the link. Or completely eliminate said channel. In addition, you can add administrators to help you with the work and they can spread or write messages, remove or remove members. But they will not be able to modify the rest of the aspects nor will they be able to add anyone.

Telegram groups

The difference with Telegram groups and channels is that the groups are designed, a priori, for friends or family. For your classmates, for example, for your college alumni meeting … The channels have unlimited guests or participants and the groups do not, although it will be difficult to reach the limit because the maximum is 200,000 people per group. In the groups there is not an administrator who writes and the others read, but all the participants can write what they want in it, make a group conversation as you know. The difference with the usual groups of friends is that there are also strangers that you can join to discuss topics of interest.

Groups can be private, as you usually use on WhatsApp, or public. Public groups They have a short link that can be shared on the Internet or with whoever you want and someone else can join the chat. Also, if you make it public you can choose whether you want new members to read the entire history or to read only from the moment they join that chat. You can also appoint administrators who will have more control than other users.

Characteristics of Telegram groups

  • Unique history
  • Availability on different platforms
  • Instant search
  • Answers, mentions or hashtags
  • Posts pinned to be shown above
  • Smart notifications based on who names you or when
  • File sharing up to 1.5GB
  • Moderation tools
  • Personalization through bots that you can add
  • Public groups

How to search for groups

You can search for groups on Telegram or channels through the application’s own search engine or you can join through links or created lists that you can find on the Internet. In them you can chat peer-to-peer with people who have your same interests, whatever the subject you have found.

The easiest way to find or search for Telegram groups is to use the tool that incorporates the application. Just access the main chat section and tap on the magnifying glass in the upper right corner of the app to try the different searches for words that interest you: dogs, cats, comics, anime …

Click on the magnifying glass in the upper right corner of Telegram and write the theme you want. What you like, what you want to try. For example, write “anime” or “dogs” if that’s what you like. Once here you will see different groups available or channels that are on Telegram with other users:

  • Tap on Telegram’s magnifying glass
  • Write what interests you, whatever it is
  • You will find the results available
  • Tap on the one that interests you to join him

Telegram groups

It is easy to know if you have found a channel or a group when you use the search engine. You can identify them by what they put under their name: you will see that “subscribers” or “members” are written and that is the key to knowing what you have found. You can also find users with a public name or a bot:

  • If you put members it will be a group
  • If you put subscribers number it will be a channel
  • If you enter a connection time or do not enter anything, it is a private profile
  • If you put “bot” it is a Telegram bot

Create groups

Beyond searching for groups on Telegram you can create them. You can create groups from Android or IOS and, once you have it, make it public for others to find you. You can create it of the theme you want and add members …

  • Go to your Telegram application
  • Tap the pencil button in the lower right corner
  • Once here, a new window will open
  • Tap on New group
  • Add the people you want

Create Telegram groups

Appoint administrators

Once you have it, you can have the link or appoint administrators.

  • Open the group information at the top
  • Tap the pencil icon button at the top right
  • Click on “Administrators”
  • Tap on “Add administrator”
  • Choose the people you want to give advantages and permissions


Create links to join

You can also create the link:

  • Go to group information
  • Tap on “Add members”
  • You will see your contact list
  • Tap on “Invite the group with a link”
  • A link will appear
  • Tap on “Copy link”
  • Paste it in the app you want, emails, websites …

Create links for Telegram groups

Tips and privacy

When you go to search for a Telegram group it is recommended that you have a public username as it can be dangerous for strangers to have access to your mobile phone number. You don’t know who’s in that group to which you are going to join and it is essential that you maintain your privacy… Therefore, you can use public user names that can have a minimum length of five characters with letters from a to z, from 0-9 and underscores. Once you have it, other people can find you by that name without knowing your phone number.

Set privacy:

  • Tap on the three lines in the upper left corner
  • Go to Settings
  • Look for the option “Privacy & Security
  • Choose the option “Telephone number”
  • Tap on it
  • Choose who can see your number
    • Everyone
    • My contacts
    • No one


Choose “Nobody” if you don’t want other strangers to see your phone number and they can only read you in those groups by viewing your public username. This way you will maintain privacy on Telegram when you access the groups of the application.

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