How to see which watchOS apps have Apple Watch complications

This may be a fairly recurring question for those who like to fiddle with the complications that we have available on the Apple Watch and for that reason today we will see how see which watchOS applications you have downloaded to your watch have complications for your Apple Watch.

It may seem complicated to see but nothing is further from reality since this information has long appeared in the iPhone app that refers to the clock, and it is also one of the first options that we found. Let’s see it.

The iPhone Watch app

In order to access the apps that have complications on the Apple Watch, all we have to do is access the app’s settings, to do this simply open the Watch app and click on Complications. There appears the list of the applications that are compatible with the complications and that we can add in the faces of the clock whenever and wherever we want. Some complications we may like more in one area or another of the watch but the important thing is that the spheres with complications will all be compatible and then it is up to each of us to place them in a specific place.

These complications can then be used in the configuration of the dials and it appears when we press on the Apple Watch itself, click on customize and locate the places where the complications go. Among those settings we can use the complications of the applications that we have previously downloaded. Remember that before the applications were downloaded from the iPhone itself but currently from the current version of watchOS it is done from the watch itself.

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