How to send and receive money with Bizum at ING: activate it like this

We explain the steps you must follow to activate Bizum in your ING account and thus be able to send and receive money in the simplest way.

ING has updated and already has Bizum, a tool with which you can send money and receive through your bank’s app in the most comfortable way possible. If you are an ING customer and you have not yet enabled this function in their mobile app, in this guide we will explain how to activate Bizum in ING in few easy steps.

Fast, secure, simple and free, this is the Bizum service and that is why banks such as BBVA, Santander, CaxiaBank, Bankia or ING itself have opted to add it to their mobile platforms so that their clients can send and receive money transfers with your phone numbers, which avoids having to give the account number. Find out how you can use Bizum with your ING account, below.

App with integrated Bizum

ING customers can now use Bizum to send money.

How to send and receive money with Bizum at ING: activate it like this

Although it has come later than the competition, ING already has Bizum available to all customers who use your mobile app. Remember that this is a free application that you can Easily download from the Play Store and that it already had other mobile payment services such as Google Pay.

The Bizum activation process in the ING app is simple and fast, so you only need to invest a few seconds of your time. After downloading the bank app, continue with the next steps:

  1. Open the ING app on your mobile.

  2. Enter the credentials of your bank’s digital service account.

  3. Within the main menu of “Customer area”, click on “Transfers”.

  4. Click on Bizum> Activate Bizum.

  5. Accept the conditions of use, review your personal data and enter the confirmation code that they have sent you by SMS. It is already, you have already activated Bizum and you can use it whenever you want with your Bizum account.

If you are already a Bizum customer at another bank, you will have to make account portability to the ING app. Don’t panic, this is a quick process that will only require the introduction of another confirmation code sent by SMS.

Bizum ING

With the arrival of Bizum, ING catches up with banks like Santander and BBVA.

While we wait for WhatsApp payments to arrive in Spain, Bizum is the best option you can use to send and receive money in your bank account for free and in just seconds. Transfers are directly linked to your bank, so they are fully secure. To send, you just need to know the other person’s phone number, which must be registered in Bizum.

Another interesting function of Bizum is that of ask for money, with which you can request the collection of any debt that you still have pending. Enter the user’s phone number and the user can accept the payment and send you the money, which will arrive in less than 5 seconds to your account. In short, Bizum is made up of highly useful functions that explain why it is the fashion finance service.

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