How to set a password to Telegram

Even if you have a password or unlock code on your mobile, it may not always seem like enough security. In those cases, putting a password to Telegram is a good option that improves our privacy if we lend the phone to someone, for example, or if our unlock code is simple.

Password to Telegram

It will only take a few minutes to put a password on Telegram. The steps you must follow to do so are very simple from the messaging app:

  • Open your Telegram application on the mobile phone
  • Click on the three lines in the upper left corner
  • The side menu will open
  • From here, access Settings
  • Look for the option “Privacy and security”
  • Go to “Lock code” and tap on the option
  • Activate Lock Code
  • It will ask you for a code
  • Enter the PIN you want or choose a password to use
  • Confirm by typing again to complete the process

Once you activate it, the code will appear when you try to log in. In addition, it will also allow you to choose whether or not you want this option to be unlocked without need to enter the PIN: instead of writing the chosen code you can use your fingerprint and it will be much more comfortable to access Telegram.

Set Telegram password


If you forget to lock the phone, Telegram will be blocked with a secret code after a while. You can choose how long it will take to activate: one minute, five minutes, one hour, five hours or never. Can put “disabled” if you do not want it to be activated automatically and without doing it yourself.

Content in multitasking

It will also allow you to choose whether you want to not show content in multitasking. This means that the chats or conversation list will not appear in multitasking at any time and that you won’t be able to take screenshots either while using the app. You can enable or disable it if you want to try but you regret it.

I have forgotten the PIN code

What happens if you forget the code and want to enter? If you have activated the option to unlock Telegram with a fingerprint, you will have no problem because your fingerprint will remain the same and is not forgotten. If you can’t get in, you will have to uninstall the application. You can remove the app from the mobile phone if you want to change the code or the settings and you do not remember it because to edit or disable it you will need to remember that PIN code.

Lock from phone settings

If you want to block applications with a password not only with the Telegram lock but from the mobile phone settings by entering a PIN code or a pattern.

  • Go to the mobile phone settings
  • Look for the Security section
  • Tap in the section Application blocking
  • Click the Enable button
  • Choose between the two security options
    • Screen lock password
    • Custom PIN
  • Set the PIN with six digits to configure it
  • Confirm by typing the six digits again
  • Set a security question
  • Write the answer to the security question

Set password to apps - Telegram

  • You will see all the applications on the phone
  • Mark with the switch the one you want to block (Telegram)
  • It will automatically become locked

Put password to applications - Telegram

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