How to set up Realme mobile notifications


The bar notifications on Realme phones It does not work as we all like it first, with the arrival of Realme UI it has integrated a series of changes that directly affect all those who release a new smartphone. This makes that by default not all notifications appear in the top bar and we will have to follow a series of steps for what they show like in any other mobile.

This is not something new, some layers of customization such as that of Xiaomi or Huawei have also had to face these inconveniences on other occasions, but little by little we have been learning to master them. The configuration that we are going to carry out in the Realme UI notifications It affects all brand smartphones regardless of the range in which it is located.

Steps to configure notifications on Realme mobile phones

To get to have notifications in the top bar, see them on the lock screen or get them to appear completely to our liking, we will have to do it application by application since we do not find any option that makes all the changes at once. Even so, it does not affect all applications and there will be some that seem more priority than others, Realme UI’s own artificial intelligence tries to help us, but if we want to do it to our liking, we will have to follow these steps:

manage notifications actually

  • We start by accessing the settings of our mobile.
  • Then we choose the option of notifications and status bar.
  • Then click on manage notifications.
  • Now we will have access to all the applications of our mobile.

From here we only see a button that allows us to turn notifications on or off, but nothing else. To continue with the configuration we will have to go to the next point.

How do you want to see notifications

By entering each of the applications we will have the possibility to really solve the problem that prevents us see notifications in the bar higher. For this when we enter an app such as in our case Telegram, we will have access to the main chats and finally “other” will appear, which refers to the other notifications. We will enter a contact where we have detected the problem or “other” if it does not appear in the options.

notifications really

Upon entering we will see the second image that we show you with the option to show us the news in the Realme status bar. From here we can also choose if we want them to appear on the lock screen or if the notification will be pop-up when we are using the mobile.

Written by Ruben De la Calle

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