How to share a note with the Notes app from iOS or iPadOS

Applications exist to make life easier for us. There are applications of all kinds and the App Store grows exponentially every day. However, Apple makes available to users a series of native applications with iOS and iPadOS. One of them is Notes, an app that not only allows us to quickly take a note, but with updates Apple has vitaminized this app allowing us to do a large number of actions. For example: creating lists, writing by hand, scanning documents, etc. It’s a good tool to point something out quickly and schematically. We teach you to share notes within this app so that they can be edited by several people at the same time.

Edit a note between multiple users thanks to Notes on iOS and iPadOS

The Notes application is one of the most complete tools for taking, forgive the redundancy, notes on iOS and iPadOS. The advance in artificial intelligence, the development of new products such as the Apple Pencil and the integration of iCloud make it an essential app to keep small doses of information on all our devices that we cannot lose.

However, sometimes it is likely that we want to share a note to be able to edit it together with other users. There are various applications with which to do this, such as Apple Pages or Google Docs. However, the native Notes app lets you share notes. To do this, it is necessary to follow the following steps:

  • Launch the Notes app and open the one you want to share.
  • At the top right there are three dots (in the case of the iPad) or a globe with an icon of a user (in the iPhone). In the case of the iPad, we press and a menu is displayed. We press on Add people.
  • The new menu displayed allows us to send an invitation to participate from all the places compatible with the iOS Share function. In my case, for example, I can do it with Messages, Slack or Gmail.
  • Before sending the invitation, it is necessary to determine in the menu Sharing Options how we want the user permissions to be. We have two options: that users can make changes or that they can only read the note.
  • Once the option is chosen, we select the contact or email with whom we want to share the note and we press to send.

Immediately, the user or contact will receive the invitation. The note will be added to your sidebar in the Notes app and you can read or edit depending on the option chosen. Now a new icon will appear with a user where we can see more specifically who has access to the note and what their permissions are. We can also highlight changes or hide notices in addition to modifying permissions directly from this new menu.

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