How to share real-time location with Google Maps

However, it is not the only one, since Google has been adding new functions to the maps application that can be very useful at many times of the day. For example, it allows us to know the exact speed at which we are driving, it can warn us of speed limits, radars on our route, find any type of establishment within our reach, know the type of food in a restaurant, etc.

Along with all these, and many others, we also found a way to share our location with Google Maps. A really interesting function and that we are going to show below how it works.

Share your location with Google Maps

As everyone knows, the Google Maps application is available through its website or through the mobile app, both for iOS and Android. Therefore, it is possible to share our location from the mobile and control the settings from the computer.

When it comes to sharing our location with other people through Google Maps from the mobile, first of all we must make sure that we have given the permissions to the app to access our contacts, have added the person with whom we are going to share our location to our Google contacts and also have the service of Location of our activated phone. If so, these are the steps we must follow:

  • We open the app Google maps on our phone.
  • We access our account if it does not already happen automatically.
  • We played on the photo of our profile displayed at the top right of the screen.
  • We scroll down through the menu options that appear until we find the copy Share location.
  • We touch on this option.

share location google maps

  • Then click on Share with someone.
  • This will show us a window where we can indicate:
    • If we want to share our location in real time during an hour or until we deactivate this option. It is also possible to customize the time during which we want to share our location through Google Maps.

share location google maps

    • Choose the Contact with which we want to share it, if we slide to the right we will see that at the end we find a More button, which will open a screen in which we can search among our contacts and from which we can add new recipients.

    • Choose an application to share our location by sending a link to the same.
    • And see the information that will be shared: our name, photos and location in real time on various Google products and I include information about where we are or have just been, if we are driving or walking, battery life or our favorite places.
  • Finally, click on Share and our location will automatically reach the selected contacts.

Each of them will receive a notification from which the Google maps app will be opened with our exact location together with an icon in which our name and profile picture located on the map. At the bottom, more information is displayed such as the phone’s battery, the street where we are and a button, How to get there, which starts navigation through Google Maps to get to where we are at that moment.

share location

At the bottom, there is also a button, Share location with that contact, which allows you to share your location with us so that we both know exactly where we are. If we click on the icon of the three dots that is shown in the upper right part of that small window, a menu will appear with the options Update, Contact information, Add to the home screen, Do not show that person on the map and Block.

How to stop sharing location

If we have shared our location for a limited time, after that period our location will automatically stop sharing with the selected people, however, when we have shared it permanently, we will have to stop sharing it manually.

To do this, we open the maps application on our mobile phone, we tap on the menu button (our profile icon) to select the Share location option and then we tap on the person with whom we no longer want to share our location and we press stop or delete. If we have shared it with someone through a link, we touch on that option, which will appear next to the list of people and then touch on the Stop option.

Query a user’s location

If we have shared our location with someone or that person has shared theirs with us at some point, we can also ask that person to see where they are at this time with Google Maps. For it:

  • We open the app on the mobile.
  • We touch on the icon of our profile.
  • Click on Share location.
  • We select the Contact that you have ever shared your location with us.
  • Now click on Apply for.
  • And finally we touch on Apply for again.

As soon as we send the request, the other person will be able to see our email address and a notification from which they can view our profile and verify who we are, share the location with us, ignore the request or directly block us, which will prevent us from returning. to request more your location.

If at a certain moment we want to see the location of another user who has already shared their location with us, from the Share location option we must select that user and from the More option, we select Update so that their updated location is displayed.

It is also possible to hide the location of someone who has shared it with us in real time. To do this, we touch the icon of that person that is displayed on the map, at the bottom we touch More and then Do not show on the map.

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