How to solve problems to open protected files on mobile


Mobiles have gradually become a computer, which allows us to save documents and files on our phones. In turn, new problems appear that until now we had not imagined with locked files or that we are not able to open on our mobile. To solve it we are going to offer you a series of solutions with which you can access them.

These solutions can be used on Android mobiles and also on iPhone, we just need to follow the techniques that we explain. It also does not affect the smartphone model, we will only have to locate the file to start performing the relevant tests and test with each of the methods that we can use.

Open protected files on mobile

The process to open files on the mobile begins by accessing the document. We can do it from the notification if we have downloaded it or from an application. Either way we have it u find in the file manager that all smartphones include. In case we do not have any on Android we can get Google Files.

mobile protected document

Once we try to access this, it will be when the error opening file. The message may vary depending on our smartphone or the personalization layer but in all of them we find a problem that prevents us. This is where testing begins to try to fix it.

File corrupted by network error

In some cases we can find a document that has not been downloaded correctly. Luckily, this situation has a simple solution, we just have to re-download checking that we have a stable WiFi or mobile data connection. In case this does not solve our error, we will have to download the problem and go to the next option.

We don’t have an app that supports it

In other cases the problem cannot go beyond compatibility. Android smartphones are the ones that most often encounter this error, although with the integration of Google services this has been eliminated. Only by having Google Drive at our fingertips can we use it to open all documents, we will only have to upload it and we will be able to see all kinds of apparently protected documents and files.

google drive files

On the iPhone you do not need to upload it or even file it, you just have to use the files application that we will find in iOS. From this same app we have access to a wide compatibility for all types of documents.

iphone files

Password locked document

In case Google Drive or iPhone Files indicate that the file is locked with a password, we cannot enter it directly in the case of Android. In order to write the security key, we only have to download an alternative document app in the app store.

mobile password file

When accessing it and trying to open the file or document, a panel will be displayed to enter the file password and then we can modify it or do everything we want with it.

Unlock files on mobile

In case we do not know the password we do not have to give it up for lost. We can release protected files on mobile as long as they are PDFs, we will only have to access the following online tool. A website that helps us release the document and access it to later copy the content or extract the images. We will only upload the file, click continue and we can download it.

unlock mobile pdf

Written by Ruben De la Calle

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