How to solve the problems to charge a wet mobile


With the arrival of summer and the heat, the pool or the beach is our best ally, so it does not surprise us that in one way or another our mobile phone can get wet. This can cause problems charging the mobile when it is wet, something that sometimes lengthens.

Unfortunately for us there is no magic solution that allows us to recharge the mobile after getting wet. The first will be to be very careful because even mobile phones with water protection can suffer this problem, the second will be to apply our solutions.

Dry your mobile as best you can

First of all we must know that charging the mobile wet is a serious mistake That leaves us without a mobile and also makes us take an important scare. Water and electric current can cause a short circuit, before charging we must try to dry it completely so that there are no drops anywhere on our mobile.

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After being sure that there is no water left, you just have to go to our charger and test if it charges. In case it is not yet possible, the most convenient thing is to leave it at home in a dry area so that it finishes eliminating all the liquids through evaporation and trusting that the problem is not greater.

How to remove moisture from the charging port

In case the previous method has not helped us and our mobile phone is apparently dry, we should start worrying. Moisture can lodge in you loading port and we have to get it out. This is complicated now that the smartphones cannot be opened to remove the battery and allow them to dry more easily.


What we will have to do is resort to the classic rice. By putting the mobile in a bowl with rice we are inviting the humidity to come out to the grains and allow the phone to recharge after a few hours.

The classic restart is the solution

Without going too far, restarting the mobile can solve our problem. When we are continuously trying to charge the mobile after getting wet, the humidity detection that the phones have can be blocked and we can only avoid it if we restart it. When turning it on again we will trust that it can be charged.

Try safe mode

In case we have nothing else to steal, we will have to resort to safe mode. This option is different on each smartphone, although in general Android we can use it by pressing the pay button and then holding this button down for a few seconds.

restart safe mode

When turning on with this mode indicated at the bottom we will only have to check if our mobile if it charges. The bug could be from the software and the moisture is actually gone, making this the method that will unlock it forever.

What you should not do to charge a wet mobile

Do not use wireless charging on a wet mobile

Although it may seem like a simple and attractive solution, it could be the same or more damaging than trying to charge the wet mobile with the input cable. Wireless charging can cause a short circuit if moisture has entered the battery.

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In case we do not know how to get out of this problem, we will only have to go to the technical service trying to remove moisture that has been lodged and prevents us from charging the mobile as we usually do.

Heat is harmful

Although we can read some recommendations about applying heat or leaving it in the sun after getting wet, it is not recommended. The heat dries the water and could cause it to become corrupted along with the materials that make up our smartphone. Then it will be when we will not be able to reload it.

Written by Ruben De la Calle

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