How to spot fake products on Amazon

One of the first questions we ask ourselves when we see a product is Why is it so cheap compared to other stores, in some cases. Will it be false? It is original? Is it reliable? The company’s anti-counterfeiting policy allows detecting counterfeit products on Amazon but it is also recommended to check ourselves to avoid problems with orders.

fake products on Amazon

Amazon anti-counterfeiting policy

Amazon has an anti-counterfeiting policy that requires vendors and suppliers to offer or manage only authentic products: no counterfeits or pirated copies, etc. It does not allow counterfeit products, pirated copies, smuggled products, or illegally replicated or manufactured products or products that infringe intellectual property rights.

“If you sell non-original products, we reserve the right to suspend or close immediately your Amazon seller account (and any related account) and eliminate any non-original product found in our logistics centers (you will bear the costs of said elimination) ”, they explain from the company. In addition, they state: “We reserve the right to withhold payments if we determine that an Amazon account has been used to sell non-original products, commit fraud, or engage in other illegal activities.”

How to spot fake products

Who sell this?

Look at the seller. Many of the products are shipped and managed by Amazon itself and this is the seller. In those cases, you will not have to worry because it has the guarantee of the company and they will be in charge of everything. In general, it will be difficult for Amazon to sell a fake product from its own warehouses. But there are other people’s products, from other sellers but managed by Amazon. Although there may be more variables, we find three types of products:

  • Sent and sold by Amazon. This is the best option because you can be practically sure that it is reliable. In addition, you have better customer service options in case of return or claim or guarantee.
  • Sold by * company * and Fulfilled by Amazon. You buy a product that is sent to Amazon and Amazon delivers it to you. But it is not an Amazon product and it will not be determined whether or not it is a counterfeit. Although it will come to you.
  • Sent and sold by * company *. This is the worst option because to claim if they do not send it to you, you must contact another company that has simply used Amazon as an intermediary. In the latter case it is when we are most at risk that something is false.

Even if you take risks, always you can get informed and look for information. Read seller comments made by other users, find information and search all possible data to know that it is not a scam. But don’t just trust the reviews because they can be false: Google the company, check information, make sure it really exists.

Be wary of miraculous deals

It is common to find great offers on Amazon that allow us to save money when buying a product but do not think that they will give you anything. If you find something at ten euros on the web and it is usually worth a hundred euros, something will happen. They don’t have to be fakes but maybe they are non-certified or tested products. Experts also ensure that special attention must be paid to beauty products that can be a risk to our health if they are used.

Check the product photos

Check, compare, look at everything. Photographs are essential To detect fake products on Amazon and usually fakes or tricks will be used with Photoshop but you can use any image comparison system to track whether they are your own or from another website, for example. If you have any doubts, ask for more.

Be careful with the reviews

Just because Amazon says that something is the best doesn’t mean it is. There may be many false comments with pictures of information, a complete analysis of people who have taken so much trouble … Look for more comments, if they say something “bad” about the product because there will always be someone who did not like it. Opinions are very helpful to know if something is good or not, false or not, but we have to take into account that there are reviewers who are paid by the sellers to put positive things about what they are selling so be careful. And another of the best points from Amazon to know if what is said is reliable is the section of questions and answers that other users will answer and that will make you wonder if you do not know whether to choose one product or another.

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