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How to take a screenshot in any app

How to take a screenshot in any app

Taking a screenshot on Android is very common. To do this there are various methods, which most already know. Although there are applications in which it is not possible to make a capture, because they show confidential information and the system itself prevents such captures. Even in these cases it is possible to make captures.

There are various methods with which to do a screenshot in any Android app. Even in those where in principle it is impossible. This is possible in several ways, either with tricks or with some specialized applications in these screenshots.

Classic methods to take a screenshot on Android

In Android we have a series of normal or classic methods with which to take a screenshot. They tend to be the same on most phones, with some minimal differences, so any user can take screenshots when they need to. The most common methods that we can use are:

  • Press volume button and turn off: This is the most classic method, which may vary depending on the brand. In some brands you have to press the volume down button and the off button at the same time. Other brands ask to increase the volume and off. With this method we can make captures.
  • Quick settings: In many brands, in the quick settings we have the option to make a capture. When you want to take a screenshot on Android, you just have to open these quick settings and click on this button. If this button does not come out, it is possible that if you customize these quick settings you will have access to it.
  • Google Assistant: Another method to resort to on Android to take screenshots. We can ask the assistant to make a capture at a specific moment, simply with a voice command.
  • Capture with three fingers or knuckle: In some layers in Android (One UI or EMUI) there is the possibility of capturing in a different way, such as sliding three fingers on the screen or with your knuckles. This is something that can be configured in the phone settings to take a screenshot.

How to capture in apps that don’t stop

There are applications where taking a screenshot is not possible, because they show private information or in the configuration of said application, the taking of screenshots is blocked. This is a situation that many have surely faced on occasion. Although there is a trick to obtain these captures, which can work for many users on Android, for which we are going to need Google Assistant.

The steps to do this are:

  1. Activate Google Assistant on your phone.
  2. Press the button that says What’s on my screen?
  3. The wizard will reply “Nothing was found on the screen”.
  4. Look at the bottom of the screen.
  5. Tap Share screenshot.
  6. Send the capture (by email, Telegram or WhatsApp) or save it to Drive.

With these steps we have obtained such impossible catch Until now. It is a simple method, although not everyone will work. There are times when it will still not be possible to take such a screenshot on the phone. But it may be helpful for many to get those catches they want or need at some point.


Applications control mobile from PC

There are applications that allow you control your Android phone from the computer, being able to open applications and show its screen at all times. Thanks to this, you can take a screenshot from your own computer, on the screen of which you will see the screen of your phone. It is a method that can also work in this regard.

So any application that allows have our Android phone on the computer screen It will then allow us to take a screenshot on the computer, to have the screen content available on the phone. There are several applications that we can use for it:

  • Vysor: An application that allows you to control an Android phone from the computer. To make it work you will have to activate the USB debugging on the device and connect the phone to the PC using the USB cable. The setup process is simple and allows you to access the phone in its entirety.
  • scrcpy: One of the best (or the best) application to control your mobile from your computer. One of the advantages of this app is that you don’t have to install anything. It is easy to use and we only have to install a small program on the computer to make it work without any problem.




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