How to take photos with more color on a Realme mobile


Taking photos with the mobile has become one of the main uses of our terminals, and logically, when we take these photographs what we are looking for is some vivid snapshots that show our day to day with a lot of color. At least that is the wish of many mobile users, and if you are using a Realme mobile you’re in luck, because it has an express way for it.

The phones of the Chinese firm have released Realme UI 1.0 In recent months, and with this layer also an important improvement in the camera software, which offers us the possibility of taking better photos without improving the hardware, simply optimizing the software.

Use AI for the best mobile photos

Artificial intelligence has been revealed as one of our great allies when it comes to taking photographs. Since the software based on this is capable of learning from us, from our way of taking photos, and of course improving them.

enhance color photos realme

Dazzling color mode off

That’s why in the Realme camera app we have an AI mode It offers above all a greater saturation in the photographs. A mode that we should not always use, but that is ideal for certain situations in which color is everything in a photo. For this we only need to press a button, as you will be able to see below.

enhance color photos realme

Dazzling color mode activated

How do you use the dazzling color mode?

This is the name of the Realme camera mode that thanks to the AI ​​is able to give you a more intense color to all our photos. To be able to use it we only have to touch a button while we have the camera of our Realme mobile open. Do the following:

  • Open the camera of your Realme mobile
  • Click on the «AI» button at the top or side of the camera app, depending on the orientation
  • When the AI ​​icon is colored you will notice how the image preview has more vivid colors

Therefore, when you use this mode, you can see how the photos it takes are much more colorful than normal. Something ideal when we are photographing flowers, grass or, in short, scenes where color is important.

enhance color photos realme

There are times when this mode oversaturates the images, but there are times when you will soon notice it from the camera’s own viewfinder. When you notice that high saturation, you just have to disable this mode so that the colors are moderate again.

Written by Jorge Sanz

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