How to take screenshots on Android 11 and your options


The latest version of the Android operating system leaves us with a significant change in screenshots. Android 11 releases options and possibilities to make the process easier, we tell you all its news and the options that we will have available on smartphones once updated or with this new version.

This version has integrated several aspects that completely change our mobile, such as the new shutdown menu in Android 11 to make the different interactions easier. From the arrival of the first beta to the latest version, we have seen different changes that give rise to a complete pack of options only intended for screenshots.

Methods to take screenshots on Android 11

android 11 screenshots

Button combination

The most classic option and that is known until now as the main method in all smartphones to take screenshots remains present, we will not say goodbye to the key combination of turn off + decrease volume. When doing this we will have the full screen captures and then we can give way to the rest of the options that follow.

From multitasking

The novelty in screenshots reaches multitasking with Android 11. When we use the dedicated button or gesture to see recently opened applications, we find a button at the bottom to make the captures, without complications we will instantly obtain an image of the application or process in question.

Share screenshots

One of the integrations that we see in the new screenshots is the possibility of sharing it easily. When we capture with the classic method with the combination of buttons, we will have quick access to send the catch through the different services and applications. When we go to edit the capture we can also share it later, although this adds a step to the process.

share screenshots android 11

Edit screenshots

When choosing photo editing from any of the methods, we find different options for customize screenshots. This option saves us from having to resort to the gallery to edit it or even use external apps.

edit screenshots android 11

  • Crop the capture: We can choose to save only part of the screenshot both diagonally and horizontally.
  • Paint over the catch. From painting over it to highlighting parts of the screenshot.
  • Undo or redo. In this process we can configure and to avoid repeating everything we have the option of going back one step or forward.
  • Save: Finally we can directly share the image or save it in our gallery by clicking on the “Done” button.

Written by Ruben De la Calle

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