How to transfer Whatsapp data between Apple and Android?

The dr.fone application is a tool that allows you manage your Android and Apple files; One of the most useful functions of the application is the transfer of data between two devices. Even if they are devices with different operating systems, that is, if you switch from Android to iOS or vice versa; You can recover the contacts, files and settings so that you can copy it to your new device.

By regular means, you usually need an intermediary, like a PC with a backup program. However, with dr.fone you can, from the same interface, backup and save your data from one device and then transfer it to others more easily.

How to transfer data between devices with dr.fone?

Although WhatsApp has official mechanisms to backup data and pass it to another phone using Google Drive or Apple’s iCloud system, both options are limited by the operating system in question. We can solve this problem with dr.fone. First, you must connect both devices to the PC, both the source and destination. In this case, it can be from one Android phone to another, or from Android to iOS.

You must make sure that both positions are correct, that is, that your source phone is precisely the source phone and the destination phone is the one to which you want to transfer the data. Then you just have to start passing the messages; you will have to click on transfer. Lastly, transfer the rest of the data, this can take a while, depending on the size of the files to be transferred. You will only have to change some WhatsApp settings on the destination phone.

With dr.fone you can also manage the backups of your device

In addition to transferring data between one phone and another, dr.fone has other applications, such as saving a WhatsApp backup from your PC; They can be easily restored using the same program.

In the first case, you simply have to connect your Android or Apple phone to your PC and create the backup, making sure that the phone is connected to the PC at all times.

Later, if your phone is stolen, lost or damaged, you can connect the new phone to the PC and restore the backup; so all your files will be available on the new phone. In the same way you can do it if, for some reason, you had to format the device or restore it from the factory.

With dr.fone you can simulate a different location than the real one

Another of the outstanding functions of dr.fone is to simulate your location by “tricking” your GPS. without the need to install programs on your phone or use a VPN; You can also simulate scrolling in case you want to play an augmented reality game without having to leave the house.

dr.fone 3

Being such a complete application, dr.fone is one of the best applications to manage your mobile devices from a computer; There are also mobile, Android and iOS versions that allow you to carry out all the aforementioned tasks from the phone.

Advantages of dr.fone

Some advantages of dr.fone are the ease of use of the interface, which only requires between 2 and 3 clicks per process; It also allows you to read your WhatsApp history, and make complete transfers with a single click. All this thanks to the sophisticated system that automatically configures and executes backups. In addition, you can restore backups on any device, recovering data such as important conversations and multimedia files.

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