How to transfer your Spotify playlists to another account or service

Thanks to these methods, moving to another account or another service will not mean losing your favorite Spotify playlists.

Your Spotify playlists are a precious commodity that you’ve spent a lot of time customizing. Therefore, if you have made a new account or are going to move to another music streaming service, it is best that you learn to pass your Spotify playlists so as not to lose them on the way.

After recommending you 5 perfect Spotify playlists to train, we will explain step by step how you can transfer your personal Spotify playlists to another account or to another service. Depending on whether you are going to continue using Spotify or change of scenery on other platforms, you will have to use one method or another to export your playlists, all of them from your computer.


Step by step, we explain how to pass your Spotify playlists to other accounts or services.

How to transfer your Spotify playlists to another account

First off, we’ll start by looking at how you can move your Spotify playlists to another account. If you have become a new user, for example to enjoy the new Premium Duo plan for couples, and you want to transfer the data of the playlists that you had created in your previous account, you only need a few seconds of your time.

For this example we have used the version of Spotify for Windows, although the process also works if you use the web version of the platform. Step by step, we explain how to transfer your Spotify playlists to another account on the same music service.

  1. Open the Spotify program or the web player on your computer.

  2. In the left side menu, find the playlist you want to play and click on it with the right mouse button. In the options menu that opens, click on Share> Copy playlist link.

  3. Log out of that account and login with the new user.

  4. Paste the link in the search engine from the playlist you copied. Press the Enter key to start the search and your playlist will appear.

  5. Click on the three horizontal dots button that appears under the list title and, in the options menu that appears, select Save to your library. Thus, the playlist that you had in your previous Spotify account will be saved in your new user, and you can thus enjoy the music that you have been collecting for years.

How to transfer your Spotify playlists to another service

You might think that transferring your Spotify playlists to another service is a more complicated process than the one explained in previous paragraphs, but nothing is further from reality. Thanks to the Soundiiz websiteImporting and exporting playlists between different music streaming platforms is quick and easy, you can forget about having to search one by one for the songs on a list in the new service you are going to use.

Before explaining the process to follow step by step, proceed to sign up to Soundiiz to be able to use its services. Once registered with your user, connect your accounts of the music services between which you are going to transfer the playlists. In our case, we will pass a Spotify playlist to Tidal, so those are the platforms we have connected to Soundiiz.

Here are the steps you need to follow to transfer your Spotify playlists to another service using Soundiiz.

  1. Open Soundiiz and click on the Start Now button.

  2. Connect your Spotify accounts and those of the other services that you use (Tidal, Apple Music, etc.) by clicking on their icons in the left side menu. Enter the credentials and you can see all the information about those platforms in the main menu.

  3. Once the different platforms are connected, click on the Import Playlist button, in the upper right corner.

  4. Select the import method: through a file, plain text or through the playlist link, the latter being the option chosen for this example.

  5. Paste the link of the Spotify playlist you want to skip.

  6. Select the songs from the playlist you want to import.

  7. Write the title and description that you want to give to the playlist in the new service.

  8. Select the destination music streaming service, in our case Tidal. After clicking on it, the import process automatically begins, the duration of which will depend on the number of songs in the playlist that you are going to transfer. When it’s over, You can now listen to the playlist on the new platform.

In the following screenshots you can see how is the process to pass a playlist from Spotify to Tidal, click on the images to see them in large size.

Easy and fast, this is the process to transfer Spotify playlists, either to another account on the same platform or to another music service. From now on, lose those personal playlists It will not be an excuse for not leaving the Spotify ship.

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