How to trick the GPS of your Android mobile and simulate another location

In the Play Store there are several apps dedicated to tricking the GPS and simulating another location on your Android mobile.

He GPS Your mobile phone seems infallible, but it is not. Can easily trick you into simulating a fake location on your Android and thus hide where you really are. So you can learn it in this guide, in which you will know what you must do to trick the GPS of your mobile to show the location you want.

Before performing this procedure, you should bear in mind that GPS is a very useful element of the terminal, which, among other things, can help you locate the phone when you have lost it. So cheating on it and simulating a different location than the real one permanently can lead to some problems. Bearing in mind that this is a interesting function to use it on time, we will explain what you must do to trick the GPS of your mobile step by step.

Google Maps prepares a great function that will tell you how many people you will meet on the train or subway

Fooling your Android’s GPS is possible thanks to apps dedicated to simulating location.

How to trick the GPS of your Android mobile and simulate another location

As we said, cheating on your mobile’s GPS is something you can do with some ease, so you don’t need to root your Android or have advanced knowledge. This procedure is divided into two parts: one that takes place in the phone settings and another that is based on the use of one of the third-party apps that misrepresent phone location.

In Google Play there are applications for all tastes, and those that are dedicated to generating false locations could not be missing. For this guide we have selected the Fake GPS Location app, although the procedure is the same if you use others just as valid like Floater – Fake Location, Fake GPS or GPS Simulator, with which you can share a false location on WhatsApp.

Once downloaded the free application on your mobile, you can start the procedure to trick the GPS of your Android mobile and simulate the location of your choice. Everything consists of enabling the developer’s options and telling the mobile to take the location that you are going to select in Fake GPS Location. That is the summarized process, below you can find it step by step:

1º- Go to Settings> About phone> Software info and click 5 times on “Build number” to enable the “Developer Options” menu. Enter the mobile PIN as a confirmation method.

2nd- Go back to “Settings”, scroll to the end and there will be a new section, Developer Options, the menu in which you must click.

Activate developer options on Android

This is the process you must follow to activate the developer options on your mobile.

3º- In the “Debugging” section, click on “Choose application to simulate location”.

4th- Choose Fake GPS (or the application you have chosen to simulate the location).

5th- Once that app is configured as the one that will dictate the location of your mobile, it is time to choose the fake location. Open the Fake GPS app and move around the map until you locate the red locator in the location you want. Can you do I also use the search engine to find her earlier.

6º- After choosing the location, click on the Play button from the bottom right corner to start tricking the GPS into taking the selected location as the exact location of the phone. From that moment on, the location of the device will be established in Fake GPS. To confirm that you have successfully completed this process, you can access Google Maps as we have.

Simulate location on Android mobile

Set up Fake GPS as an app to simulate the location and select the new location.

As you can see in the last screenshot of the image above, our mobile’s GPS indicates that we are in New York, when we are really separated by thousands of kilometers from that specific point. Before using this function, you must make use of good sense and avoid taking advantage of it to falsify your location in Pokémon GO. In fact, when starting the Fake GPS app, its managers ask you to play fair and only use it as a developer to try those apps based on geolocation.

You can use this procedure to play with the location of a geolocated photo on Instagram and thus protect your privacy, for example. Above all, you must bear in mind that it is a specific change, since the best thing is return to normal GPS status to use all its advantages.

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