How to turn on and off Samsung's spell checker


The RAE defines “Language” as the “Language of a people or nation, or common to several.” Therefore, it is everyone’s job to take care of it and preserve it, whatever yours is in particular. In this sense, spending all day writing on social networks or messaging programs has its advantages, but also its drawbacks. One of the main ones, is that it can expose some of our most horrible faults of “hortography”. If this happens it is not the end of the world, but we cannot say that it will be because our Samsung galaxy do not have the precise tool to not pass. Precisely for that and although something hidden, we have one of the best spell checkers, which we should activate as soon as possible.

The spell checker built into the Samsung Galaxy, allows you to activate a tool that corrects misspelled words. This is especially useful for many words with which we can have any doubt, but it is also of enormous help for people in whose language, a phone number has been taken for granted in many words, which when transcribing them pass in the same way. In this way, if you write for example “Grays” the function will automatically change to “Thank you”. This will happen with any misspelled word, and always taking into account the default language that we have selected in our terminal. However, the route to activate the function is somewhat “hidden” so we detail how to activate it.

predictive text on Samsung

How the correction is activated

In order to activate it we will have to slide the screen up to access the applications screen. Once inside, we will have to continue the following path to access spell checking, which is somewhat long and we leave you just below.

Settings / General Management / Language and input / On-screen keyboard / Samsung keyboard / Smart typing.

predictive text on Samsung 01

Correct the faults in red

Now we will have to access the Automatic Spelling Check function and activate the switch that activates the function. Once done every time we write a word that is not recognized by the language, it will appear underlined in red. When this happens we will have to click on it to correct it, confirming the most appropriate selection, which in most cases will be the first, although Samsung will also suggest other possibilities. The function inherits a lot from what we have always seen in word processors for PCs, so anyone who is minimally familiar with this system will know how to recognize that when the word is underlined in red, we must pay attention for some reason, generally orthographic.

Written by David Girao

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