How to turn on the light on the edges of the Motorola Edge screen


He Motorola Edge It has been one of the most surprising mobiles that we have known during this 2020. A mobile that together with the Plus model have marked a before and after to the highest range of the iconic mobile company. A phone that stands out for its curved screen, which we can also use to know the notifications that reach the mobile.

Because the curved screen on this phone is one of the steepest we’ve seen in years, it’s even more curved than Samsung’s Edge. And of course, you can get a good game on some exceptional occasions, such as when the phone is face down on a table.

Take advantage of your curved screen

Motorola has not only wanted to offer us a curved screen with a merely aesthetic purpose, but also practical. Since with this screen it is possible to enjoy some additional functionalities when it comes to take advantage of your curve.

Motorola Edge cameras

And in fact, the software available to Motorola mobiles has been adapted to this feature of the phone, with new functions that can take advantage of this curve. The idea is that when we have the mobile face down in silence we can see that we have received some type of notification.

Turn on the edge light

This new Motorola Edge features a «motorcycle action»Specific, which allows you to use the light from the screen edges to notify us that there are pending notifications on the phone. In order to activate this functionality we must access the new motorcycle action that performs it, in this way:

  • Open the «Moto» app on your Motorola Edge
  • Click on the three horizontal stripes in the upper left
  • Select «Moto Screen»
  • Activate the “Edge Light” action

In this way we will have activated the functionality to show light on curved edges of screen from the terminal. In this way, the screen edges will light up to indicate something. In the event that the phone is charging we can see the evolution of the charge, and if we receive notifications we will see how these edges light up. Also when we receive a call they light up to indicate that it is in progress.

Motorola Edge display

So we can keep the phone silent, face down on a table during a meeting, which we will continue to be aware of these events on our mobile terminal even without listening to anything. All thanks to the sharp curves of this phone, which are of course the highlight of the terminal, and possibly the most aggressive screen curve that we have seen in a mobile of this type.

Written by Jorge Sanz

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