How to unlock the secret lower temple level in Minecraft dungeons

Minecraft Dungeons’ first DLC pack, Jungle Awakens, is now available and offers a surprise fans of the Minecraft Dungeon Crawler should love – a secret level.

Although the game received generally positive reviews, one review was limited in content and lack of depth for the story mode. The players went through everything the game had to offer pretty quickly.

The paid upgrade update for Jungle Awakens introduces a new secret level, referred to as the “Lower Temple”, which was removed from the game before the launch on May 26th. Better still, the new level is free; There is no need to provide cash to the DLC to access it.

In addition to the lower temple, developer Mojang Studios has introduced a number of new free features, including a new threat level per difficulty level that unlocks more powerful equipment and challenges for the endgame content, as well as new equipment in the form of battlestaff and dual crossbows. Both are available in two unique versions.

How do I unlock the lower temple?

Now to the all-important question of how the lower temple can be unlocked. A couple of tires have to jump through, but nothing that an experienced dungeon player can’t handle.

First you have to visit the level of the desert temple and top it up until you reach the first checkpoint at the supply point. From there, select the golden key and open the corresponding gate. When you reach the intersection, turn left. Interact with the three pillars scattered around the chambers. This will open a drawbridge to a scroll. The scroll opens the lower temple on the world map, which you can access at will. It is located opposite the desert temple and to the left of the high block halls.

If you prefer visual guidance, this handy YouTube video will walk you through all of the steps necessary to unlock the new hidden layer.

If you’re craving new Minecraft dungeon content, Jungle Awakens includes three new missions, a brand new jungle area to immerse yourself in, new game mechanics, items and challenges. Here is the official description released for the launch of the Jungle Awakens DLC package:

Do you remember the ball of dominance? If you don’t, no problem. It was just one of the most powerful and evil artifacts the overworld had ever seen until some brave players managed to sell it to the Wandering Trader and destroy it. It turns out that the sphere of dominance still contains a part of this dominance even in broken form. One of his shards has found its way into a lush jungle and has corrupted both the country and its inhabitants. Of course, it’s up to you to get to the bottom of the problem, explore dense jungles, crumbling temples and remote bamboo forests to save the day again! “

It is available on all launch platforms – PC, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. You can purchase it as a standalone purchase for $ 5.99 (in addition to $ 19.99 for the base game) or as part of the Hero Pass for $ 29.99. Minecraft dungeons receive an upgrade-granting Battle Pass.

Mojang Studios has another planned DLC package on the way, but we haven’t heard much about it yet.

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