How to update the MIUI version on your Xiaomi and always have it updated

Keep your Xiaomi updated to the latest version of MIUI to enjoy all the news of the system.

Having your Xiaomi mobile updated to the latest version of MIUI available is essential for you to enjoy the latest news from the operating system. Therefore, in this article you can learn to update the MIUI version on your Xiaomi and always keep it updated so you don’t have to worry about searching for updates or not available.

Learning to update your Xiaomi mobile is especially important at the moment, with the recent arrival of MIUI 12. This new version comes loaded with changes, especially for the phone’s camera, which will undergo a complete renovation. If you do not want to miss these and future MIUI news, below we explain how you can update the version of this customization layer on your Xiaomi and how to keep it updated automatically.

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It is important to keep the MIUI version of your Xiaomi updated to enjoy the latest news.

How to update the MIUI version on your Xiaomi

Updating the MIUI version on your Xiaomi is a simple process that you can master without problems. All Chinese manufacturer mobiles include within Settings a section dedicated exclusively to terminal updates. Thanks to this function, you can check if updates are available and, if so, download and install it to add the latest changes to the operating system.

As we explained in the guide to update Android, the easiest method to update the system is OTA, or updates over the air, which usually arrive in the form of notification to let you know there’s an MIUI update available. If you don’t receive this message, you can check for update manually with the following process:

  1. Open Settings and click “On the phone”.

  2. Click on “Upgrade system”, The first option.

  3. On the new page, the mobile will automatically search for updates available, although you can also click on the button “Check for updates” to look for them again. If there are pending updates, click on “Update” and download of the new version will begin and its subsequent installation.

This installation will take a few minutes, but it will allow you to enjoy the new version of MIUI with all the data that you had stored in the terminal. It is recommended that you follow this process every so often to check if Xiaomi has released any update, since it is important that the phone is always updated to have the latest functions, especially in relation to security.

How to always keep the MIUI version updated on your Xiaomi

If you do not want to have to check every few times for updates or not, you can configure that the new versions are automatically downloaded to your Xiaomi mobile. It is a process that will only steal a few seconds and that will allow you to disregard updates knowing that your terminal’s operating system will always be up to date.

To carry out this configuration we start from the menu we talked about earlier, “System update”. From there, you must perform the following steps to always keep the MIUI version of the Xiaomi updated.

  1. Click on the three point button from the upper right corner.

  2. Choose “Update settings” in the options menu that is displayed.

  3. Enable the first option, “Download automatically”, so that the updates are downloaded automatically when the mobile is connected to a Wi-Fi network. Update packages are usually quite large, so it’s best to download them from a Wi-Fi network so you don’t lose all your mobile data.

  4. You can also enable the option “Install automatically”, which is used to install the update at night when you are not using the mobile. This is a very interesting function, since if you do the installation during the day, you will have to renounce the use of the device during the whole process, which can take a long time.

Updates to the system are essential to keep it working normally. Not only do they bring you striking news such as the renewal of the camera in the case of MIUI 12, but also serve to correct bugs and fix security breaches. Therefore, you should update your phone whenever new versions are available. As you have seen, in the case of Xiaomi and MIUI, the update is a process that stands out for its simplicity.

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