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How to use and configure Xiaomi quick responses

How to use and configure Xiaomi quick responses


It is not the first time that we know of a special trick or function on Xiaomi phones, this time its main objective is to improve our experience using WhatsApp along with other applications such as YouTube, and MIUI offers us a method called Xiaomi quick answers with which our mobile will change completely.

Until now to respond to a WhatsApp message while using another application we could go to the application or write in the notification, but now we have one more option. Quick responses offer us a kind of floating window designed only by the most popular messaging applications to improve the experience.

Steps to activate and configure quick responses

The only requirement we have to use this function is that we have the version of MIUI 11 or higher. In previous versions it is impossible to use it and there are no methods to take advantage of it. What we must do to start using it is the following:

  • We access the settings of our mobile.
  • We look for the section called special functions.
  • Next we will come out about quick answers.
  • Finally we activate it and choose the options where we want to use it.

quick answers xiaomi

All the apps that we have installed without any restriction will appear in the list of applications. The option is compatible with all and does not cause errors in any of them.

How quick responses are used in MIUI

Surely you are waiting to receive a notification and find a special button or something pro style, but the truth is that it is none of this. To be able to use it in one of the apps where we have activated it, in our case on YouTube we only have to click on the notification as if we wanted it to take us to it. This will show us the floating WhatsApp window as if it were the application itself.

floating whatsapp xiaomi quick answers

At the top of it we can see a small gray bar where in the center we have the option to drag it to place it in a space that does not bother us to write on WhatsApp while watching YouTube or any other content. In the left corner we also have the button that takes us to the WhatsApp application and closes the process or we can readjust the size. We can make the floating window very small or so large that we only leave the video visible.

We can adapt it to our liking to truly take advantage of this Xiaomi option that until now is unique. MIUI never ceases to amaze us, at MovilZona we will continue to show you tips, tricks and recommendations to continue improving your mobile.

Written by Ruben De la Calle

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