How to use PAI on the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 and what it does


The Xiaomi Mi Band 5 that we have received in Spain is not that it has great improvements over the Mi Band 4, but it does provide new tools and functions. One of the most doubts for users is PAI, a system that helps us maintain a healthy life and that is found in the first menus of the bracelet.

The brand itself defines this tool as a personal indicator of physiological activity that is based on different data collected by the device such as heart rate, intensity of daily activity and other personal data provided by the user. All this data is converted into a “PAI value” by means of a special algorithm developed by the brand that is obtained when carrying out an activity of a certain physical intensity with the bracelet synchronized to the mobile.

My band 5 PAI

If we keep this PAI value above level 100, it will help prevent the risk of death from cardiovascular disease and at the same time increase life expectancy.

How is the PAI score obtained?

The system displays a score based on data collected from the last 7 days of activity. At the end of those 7 days, the goal is to never drop below 100 points. To win them you must activate the heart rate reader and raise it by doing sports, which causes the body to force the heart to pump more blood. The higher and longer the heart rate is, the more PAI points you’ll get.

My band 5 PAI

This score, more difficult to achieve the more points you have, in addition to using the heart rate, adds other values ​​such as age and sex. After 7 days, they expire and you should start again, encouraging you to maintain a regular activity. This is why some days you may see that your score is reduced.

According XiaomiThe easiest way to get higher scores is to run or ride a bike, although working, climbing stairs and playing with children can also add scores. You can earn up to 75 PAI points per day, so reaching your weekly goal of 100 points shouldn’t be too difficult.

How is PAI activated?

Just take the bracelet out of the box, start it, synchronize it with My fit and update it, you will see the PAI menu in second position. Here you will be encouraged to activate the automatic detection of heart rate and you will be warned that, logically, the battery consumption will be higher.

When activated, you will see on the screen an indicator of the points achieved and what you have left to reach the goal of 100 weekly points. If you slide to the bottom you can see the weekly progress and know how much you have left to reach your goals.

Can it be turned off?

Since PAI on the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 depends on heart rate monitoring, by disabling this function we will stop accumulating points in the Xiaomi fitness tool. To do this, open Mi Fit, scroll to the Profile menu, select your bracelet and, in the lower menus, deactivate the Heart rate monitoring option. Then restart the device.

Doing so will save battery power on the bracelet.

Written by Miguel Martinez

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