How to use Picture-in-Picture of iOS 14 easily

Picture-in-Picture It is a feature of iOS that we knew for quite some time. You will know a lot what it is, especially those who have an iPad or a macOS device. It is simply the possibility of having a mini-video player while we are using the device for other tasks on a small floating screen.

Picture-in-Picture reaches all iOS 14 compatible devices and we show you how you can use this new function in the easiest way. Do not lose detail and visit Actualidad iPhone, because we are going to bring you the best tricks of iOS 14 to have you prepared for its arrival in the last quarter of the year.

The first thing is to remind you that Picture-in-Picture It is only present in devices that are running iOS 14, that is, you must install this latest version of the operating system on your iPhone. Once this is known, we will tell you about the two methods to use Picture-in-Picture in iOS 14:

  • Quick method: The iPhone will automatically detect when we are playing through a system compatible with the Picture-in-Picture, at the moment these will only be through Safari, that is, any video that you play from the native iOS browser. At that time it is enough that while we are playing a video we make a gesture from the bottom up, like the one we do to go to the Home Screen. This will direct us to the Springboard while continuing to play the video.
  • Classic method: When we are playing a video compatible with the Picture-in-Picture (PiP) system, a button will appear indicating it in the upper left, this icon is between the button to expand the video and the button to close the video. If we press it automatically we will be in Picture-In-Picture.

And that’s how easy it is how we are going to be able to use the Picture-in-Picture of iOS 14, all fast and simple.

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