How to use Telegram Web – What can be done and how to install

Like most web versions it is somewhat less complete but it will be very comfortable if we do not have the phone at hand or if we prefer not to use it. The great advantage of Telegram web over WhatsApp is that it will not depend on your mobile phone it works independently. That is, you do not have to have the application open on the smartphone and you do not even have to be connected to the Internet for it to work. Even if your mobile phone is turned off, Telegram web will continue operating.

How to use Telegram Web

To use Telegram web we must link the mobile phone account with the account that we are going to open on the computer. There are two options to use Telegram on your computer: through the website or through the desktop application that is available for PC, Mac, Linux and macOS. The difference between one and the other is that the first one you will not have to download and it works like another website. The second is a program that will be installed on your computer for you to access the messages and that we will explain later, in the next paragraphs.

To use Telegram Web you will have to follow some simple steps:

  • Go to the website
  • You will see that it asks you to register
  • Enter your country and your phone number
  • Open Telegram on your mobile
  • You will receive a start code session in a chat
  • Write the code on the web within two minutes
  • Automatically all your chats, groups, bots, etc. will be synchronized

Telegram web

When you want to stop using it, simply log out:

  • Open
  • Click on the three lines in the upper right corner
  • Tap on Settings
  • Download at the end of the web page
  • Tap Close session

Sign off

It is important that you log out after each use if it is not a personal computer. If it is the computer you have at home and it is protected, you will not have to close the session and you can open the web when you want to access the chats, they will automatically be loaded without having to confirm your number with a code. It will be there until you log out or delete your browsing data.

Active sessions

We usually use Telegram web to access conversations and chats from work, for example. That implies that by mistake we can leave that session open even if we leave the computer. At work, in college, in class. Luckily, if you have doubts about whether you have closed it or not but you have already left and you don’t have time to check it again, you can remotely delete active sessions. Enough with go to the application you have on your mobile to check what’s open and close everything, making sure that nobody reads what they shouldn’t. In addition, it is recommended that you always do it after using Telegram web on any computer that is not your own, your own and that only you use.

  • Go to the Telegram mobile app
  • Tap on the three lines in the upper left corner
  • Go to the Settings section
  • Open the Privacy and security option
  • Scroll down to “Security”
  • Open the section “Active sessions”
  • You will see the current session or all the ones you have opened, with hours and location
  • Tap on the session you want to close and confirm in “close”
  • Or all in “Close all other sessions”
  • Confirm in the popup if you want to end all sessions

Activity sessions - Privacy settings on Telegram

What can’t you do from Telegram Web?

Although it is a very practical tool, it does not allow all the options that the version for mobile phones does. There are things that we will not be able to do… For example you cannot send GIFs (unless you use a specialized bot) or you cannot send the location or the location in real time. Nor will you have access to photos taken directly from the camera as it allows you from the mobile phone or to short video or music options. And, in addition, it also does not allow scheduled or silent messages. Luckily, you can send messages like you usually do and communicate without any problem with the different contacts.

Another thing we have to take into account is that the settings are much less complete than in the mobile version. You can manage notifications to notify you or not, to be active or not in the background. And you can manage some security options like setting passwords or showing active sessions. But you won’t be able to choose who can add you to groups or channels, for example, or who can see your name or your profile picture. It will allow the basic and essential but keep in mind that it does not seek to be a substitute and that it is a mobile messaging application although its web version is very comfortable.

What does the browser version allow?

Even if you cannot manage groups and channels or send messages, there are many things you can do. You will be able to communicate with almost anyone, with groups and with individual chats. You can choose the conversation you want from all the ones you have open or open new ones by accessing your contacts and you can send all kinds of messages and even add format. You can also attach files and photos or record voice memos if your computer has a microphone connected. You can also send the emojis you want or the stickers Telegram in the different chats and you can search for the message you want in the conversation or access the files in it by filtering by type (photos, videos, files, audio, links, voice messages or video messages) if you need to consult anything .

From Telegram web you can also create your own new groups adding the users you want or manage channels and groups where you are already. Of course, the management is much less complete than through mobile applications: you cannot add administrators to created channels nor can you modify the information of the group or the channel: neither descriptions nor advanced options for the management of the group. You can add members, for example, or participate in groups normally.

Download Telegram for desktop

If instead of accessing the web you find it easier to download the Telegram desktop application, you can do so. In addition, it is much more complete and allows practically everything you cannot do from the web: managing groups, adding administrators, using GIFS, conducting group surveys …

All you have to do is go to the messaging app download page and choose PC / Mac / Linux or macOS. In a few minutes the program will have been downloaded to your computer and you can install it. As on the website, you will have to write your phone number and the country in which you live (with the corresponding country phone code)

You will receive a code in a Telegram chat and you will have to write it. If it hurts to receive it within the application you can choose to send it via SMS. When you have entered the code, all the chats and conversations you have in the application will be synchronized and you can continue as always.

Telegram for desktop

The desktop version of Telegram yes allows practically everything you can do from the mobile version. You can manage groups, add administrators, create surveys in groups and channels or send GIFs and even make calls through the application if you have a microphone on your computer. It is much more complete than the web.

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