How to use the braille keyboard on any Android mobile


Among the options that integrate smartphones we also find a keyboard adapted for people with vision difficulties, known as a braille keyboard, is also present on Android smartphones. This option is a great help for people who really need it and tries to solve the problem that classic keyboards that by default come on smartphones can generate.

We live in a globalized world where accessibility must play an important role so that all societies have the same possibilities, with that intention we want to show you the steps to follow to activate the braille keyboard on android. A series of steps where people with different abilities are likely to need help, although we trust that all of you will give it to them just like we do with the explanatory steps.

Steps to use the braille keyboard on mobiles

With the help of TalkBack, the accessibility system developed by Google on Android, we are going to activate the necessary functions for people with vision difficulties. Earlier we showed you how to disable TalkBack quickly and easily, something that can be very useful if we make a mistake in the process to activate or configure the braille keyboard.

activate braille talkback keyboard

  • We start by going to the settings of the mobile.
  • Among the options we are going to choose system and / or accessibility.
  • Then we put on TalkBack.
  • Before activating the function we will enter the settings.
  • We look for the section called braille keyboard and we access.
  • We tap at the top and activate it.
  • To finish we will finish TalkBack in the option that we previously skipped.

Use the braille keyboard in any app

Regardless of the keyboard we have on our smartphone, a button with this form will appear at the bottom of any app with access to the keyboard. When you touch it, the option «TalkBack Braille Keyboard » where pressing it will activate the mode and we can start using it in horizontal format. It is likely that you will ask us to go to the TalkBack settings again if we have not activated it, remembering that to change actions we based only on gestures and double taps on the screen.

android braille keyboard

By default it will remain configured as our default keyboard and to deactivate it like TalkBack we just have to keep the volume up and down button at the same time until it vibrates. To activate it we will repeat this process and thus both people with vision difficulties and those who do not have it will be able to use the same smartphone.

Written by Ruben De la Calle

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