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how to use the fingerprint sensor see notifications

how to use the fingerprint sensor see notifications


Hardly anyone conceives their smartphone without a security system. And if no one arises not to protect your personal data, every time it is more essential the fingerprint unlock function. It is a fast and safe method, increasingly difficult to circumvent and that improves with each generation. However, the fingerprint sensor can be used for much more, as the Samsung Galaxy well know with this function.

Whether integrated on the screen, on a side button or on the back, the fingerprint sensor is already part of almost all smartphones launched on the market, including the entry range. Samsung Galaxy with OneUI can activate some extra functions for the fingerprint sensor, including one of the most comfortable, and that allows you to open or close the notification panel. There is no biometric reader is a piece of hardware that can be used for other functions, as is the case.

Faster access to notifications

This function allows to have a faster and even accurate access to all information displayed by the notification bar. The most common gesture is to bring a finger to the top of the screen and drag, but in this way we can use the fingerprint sensor to access, and in many cases, our finger is already resting on that sensor, so the speed it will be remarkable as soon as we get used to using it.

notifications on samsung

How active

In order to activate this trick we will have to go to the Settings menu and enter “Advanced Features”. Once inside we look for the function “Gestures for the fingerprint sensor”. Now we just have to slide the switch to the right to proceed with its activation. Then we can go to the main menu to start trying this trick.

fingerprint sensor gestures samsung

In order to access the notification bar, we will only have to slide a finger down. In this way we will see at a glance those messages, alerts or missed calls. To close the panel we will have to do the reverse gesture on the sensor, that is, slide your finger up, and we will see how the notification bar disappears again. With this function activated, it will only be necessary to have some caution when unlocking the device, since more than ever we must pose and not slide over the biometric sensor, since then the notification bar could appear before us more times than desired .

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