How to use the macro camera on Android phones


Photography on mobile phones allows us more and more options to make versatility greater. Among all the modes that we can find in the different layers of customization in Android, the macro mode It is the one that has become most popular, for this reason we want to give you to activate it and use it so that you can take advantage of it on your mobile.

In some cases, these mobiles have a specific lens to achieve it and in others it is achieved through software using the wide angle. Be that as it may, we will explain how to use it in the personalization layer you use, ensuring that the foreground of an object, element of nature or any detail does not escape our possibilities in addition to offering you a series of tricks and tips for macro photography on mobile.

Take macro photos in MIUI

To get take pictures with the lens macro on Xiaomi phones we only have to open the camera application of our mobile and at the top touch on the drop-down of modes to then be able to activate the so-called macro. Then we get closer to the smallest objects and we will be able to appreciate all the details.

macro xiaomi

Super macro mode with EMUI

The personalization layer of Huawei mobiles integrates this option as a super macro mode since the lens itself is already capable of recognizing a nearby object and activating a macro mode with artificial intelligence. To get closer to the object we go to more and click on the button that appears as supermacro.

huawei macro

Take macro photos on Samsung

In the Samsung mobiles with macro lens we are only going to have to touch on the added camera functions in One UI and the macro mode that we want will appear. When activated, we can approach an average distance of about 3-5 cm and achieve maximum detail.

macro samsung

Activate macro photography on OnePlus phones

To activate the macro camera in OxygenOS the difficulty is minimal, we just have to tap on the top of the quick access that we find and immediately we can use it as we wish.

oneplus macro

Use ultra macro mode on Realme phones

The Realme company also takes advantage of artificial intelligence to automatically activate macro mode when we approach an object, then adding the possibility of activate ultra macro mode in the more section of your camera.

macro realme

OPPO mobile macro camera

In OPPO mobiles we find differences according to the specific model to use the macro camera, if we do not have a lens dedicated to macro mode we will have to activate the wide angle and when we approach artificial intelligence will do the rest. If we have a dedicated lens on our mobile, we will be able to touch on the three lines to see the macro mode appear among its options.

oppo macro

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