How to use the mobile as a level in Android and iPhone


Mobiles have gradually become an indispensable tool, this has been possible thanks to the many options it offers us and can become many things. Not only do they serve to communicate, we can also use the mobile to detect metals or how it is in this case use mobile as a level bubble that indicates the horizontal position on objects or surfaces.

With the help of the gyroscope, our mobile will become the tool we need to hang a picture straight or so that the shelf does not collapse. Style we will be able to do in the Android phones and also in iPhone, both have everything you need with the gyroscope, we don’t even have to install applications.

Methods to use Android phones to level

In case we have an Android mobile, we have serial options on our mobile that are based on the internet connection, making this the only thing we need. The process is very simple and we only need to have tools that we usually use on our mobile to be able to use it.

  • First we will open the Google search engine or the mentioned browser.
  • We write the word level.
  • Immediately the bubble level tool will appear on our mobile without having to do anything else.

google mobile level

By activating the screen rotation in Android we can use the mobile as a level in horizontal position, not only vertical. We can see on the screen how the bubble adapts to our movements and although it may not be the most precise level, it is capable enough to be useful at any time.

Samsung’s Edge panel has its own level

Samsung mobiles do not even need to go to Google because their Edge panel already has its own surface level. We just have to activate the Edge panel from Settings> Display> Edge Screen and activate it by adding the tools option. When we press on the side where we have placed the Edge screen, we will be able to use the mentioned level among its tools to place it on surfaces and measure its degree of inclination.

samsung surface level

Use iPhones as a level

In the case of iPhones the process is also very simple, since the application of measure on iOS already integrates this option. The only thing we will do is open the Measurements application and in case the level does not appear immediately, we will touch the option at the bottom with the shape of a level.

iphone level

Immediately we will see how our mobile centers the entire screen on this meter and when tilting it, the degrees vary. Every time we need it, it will be available without the need for an internet connection or other complications.

Written by Ruben De la Calle

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