How to use the new features of Messages in iOS 14

The official launch of iOS 14 is already in its countdown, in fact we recently told you that the second beta for developers has been published and although it does not include many new features, it does optimize the operating system.

This time we are going to focus on the news that the Messages application brings with the arrival of iOS 14 and all those added features that you must learn to use. This is a good time for us to focus on iOS 14 and all those “little things” that Apple has hidden in it to make the iPhone a more versatile device.

Post conversations

This is one of those functions that Apple is strangely resisting, although perhaps it has something to do with the fact that your native applications only receive important news when the operating system is completely updated.

Be that as it may, this first novelty is very simple and also already exists in the main competitors such as Telegram and WhatsApp. It will allow us that with a simple gesture we can “fix” conversations at the top of the navigation screen of the Messages application and thus be able to access them more quickly, do you find it useful?

To do this we simply slide from left to right in the conversation and a yellow pushpin symbol will appear. At that moment, the user’s profile photo will appear at the top, so it will not simply be fixed as a conversation, but Apple has turned this method around and created something more visual.

It is worth mentioning that once we have the conversations fixed at the top, we will be able to order them to our liking, as we do for example with the icons on the Springboard. Surprisingly, Apple has joined a customization spiral that we’ve never seen before. To be able to edit the order of the fixed conversations we simply have to long press on the conversation and we will be allowed to move it to our liking. We can also “Defix” this conversation simply by dragging the photo to the message inbox.

Group pictures for conversations

This news is interesting and curious, but once again it shows us that Apple is mainly focusing on how iOS 14 looks perhaps even more than on the fact of how it works. When you are in a group conversation, a collage of photos of the users who participate in it will now be shown.

The same will happen when there are a series of complaints and responses, which will appear the small photograph of the user who makes the message. Of course it is undeniable that with these little details Messages becomes somewhat more “visual” and attractive to the user, Perhaps this could be the last push it needs to have a good acceptance in countries like Spain, where its use is testimonial, quite the opposite of what happens, for example, in the United States of America.

Mentions and response threads

Does the mention sound familiar to you? It is something that since its inception has been present on Telegram and has subsequently been incorporated into other applications such as WhatsApp. Definitely the possibility of using mentions makes it easier to communicate within groups, and above all we can read the mention directly if we have been offline for a long time, that is, we save ourselves from reviewing a lot of messages that probably do not matter to us in the least.

Finally these mentions reach the Messages application and allow us to get all the juice that the Messages application has. To use the mentions in Messages you simply have to write the “@” and then enter the username that we want to mention. iOS will automatically identify the user and transform the text into an image with the name, to make it clear that we are citing a user.

The same thing happens with the threads, now it will be easier to carry out a specific conversation about a single message, and that is that iOS 14 brings the threads to your messaging application in the purest Twitter style, Now you can’t complain that you’ve “lost the thread of the conversation.”

It is also important to remember that when we have a muted conversation because it is group, for example, Yes, we will receive a notification on the device when a user has specifically summoned us, in the same line as the rest of applications of this type.

Write and message filter indicators

The classic «Parakeet is writing …» that appears in the inbox WhatsApp and Telegram when someone is writing a message, be it a group or an individual conversation, it also reaches Messages. Once again we are faced with one of those classic details that we find difficult to fully understand why the Cupertino company has delayed so long in adding.

You no longer need to enter the conversation, from the inbox you will be able to see this writing indicator without even interacting.

On the other hand, one of the “follies” of the Messages application is that it manages both SMS and “iMessages” at the same time, that is, we have messages via telephone and messages through the Internet connected to each other, which It often causes us to find the inbox full of bank SMS, offers, SPAM and many other unpleasant things. Now iOS 14 adds more functionality to the SMS filter It was already present in iOS 13, and is that the previous filter only allowed us to hide messages from people who were not in our contact list.

At the moment this functionality seems to be only available in certain regions, for example in Spain only allows us to “Filter Unknown”, although in other regions it does allow you to hide
transaction messages, promotional messages and much more.

Now I can only remind you that in IPhone news We will continue to bring you a good handful of news from iOS 14, so we recommend that you stay alert, follow us in all the RRSS as well as on YouTube and above all that you share with us any questions you have.

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