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How to use the WhatsApp widget on your Android mobile

How to use the WhatsApp widget on your Android mobile

WhatsApp is the messaging application for Android most used in Spain. In addition, it is an application that is kept frequently updated, such as the introduction of QR codes recently in it. When they send us a message in the application, we can see that message from the phone’s notification panel or by entering it.

To read the quick message, the Android notification panel is comfortable, although it has some drawbacks. Because if the message they sent us is a little long, we will not be able to read it in its entirety. One way to read these messages without entering the app is to use the WhatsApp widget for Android.

WhatsApp widget for Android

WhatsApp widget on Android

Android widgets are very usefulAlthough we don’t always get the most out of them, we can even have them back on the phone’s lock screen. Like other applications on the phone, WhatsApp also has its own widget, which we can place on the phone’s home screen, in order to read those messages that are sent to us without opening the application. A comfortable option for long messages.

This widget will show those messages you have pending reading in the application, allowing them to be read in their entirety, without having to enter the app and without the other person knowing that you are reading them. In order to activate this widget on your Android phone, you must follow these steps:

  1. Go to the phone’s home screen.
  2. Go to a blank spot.
  3. Press and hold on the screen.
  4. Select the Widgets option in the bottom menu.
  5. Find the WhatsApp 4 × 2 widget.
  6. Press and hold on this widget.
  7. Place it on the home screen.
  8. Adjust its size.

When you have placed it on the phone screen, you can adjust the position and size of it to your liking. If you use a larger widget, you can see more messages or the entire message. Although this widget is very comfortable, there are certain limitations, since if someone else sends you a sticker or a GIF, it will only tell you a sticker, but you will not be able to see that sticker in question.

A good way to power read your entire WhatsApp messages without opening the application, in addition to preventing the person who sent you this message from seeing you online, since the other person will not know that you have read that message. There are times when this can be especially convenient.

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