How to use your mobile as a second command for your console or computer

There are several apps that help you turn your phone into a controller for PS4, Nintendo Switch and computer.

Converting your mobile into a secondary control for your game consoles or computer is a great option for those occasions when the drivers for these devices fail. In this guide you can learn how use your mobile as a controller for the PlayStation 4, the Nintendo Switch and your computer quickly and easily.

Although you may think that it is a useless solution, the mobile can adopt all the buttons of the main controls of these consoles, so offers a good gaming experience. It does not reach the comfort level of the original controls, but it is a good option when you cannot use these. Without further delay, let’s see how to use your mobile as a command for the console or computer.

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With these apps you can turn your mobile into a remote control for your console or computer.

How to use your mobile as a PS4 controller

PlayStation 4 has a very useful tool to connect your mobile and use it as a controller. We are talking about PS4 Remote Play, an app compatible with Android mobiles since October 2019 that you can download for free. Before starting the process to use your mobile as a PS4 controller, make sure that both the terminal and the console are connected to the same WiFi network.

After download the app and connect both devices to the same network, you must follow the following process to turn your mobile into a PS4 controller:

  1. Open the PS4 Remote Play app on your mobile and click on the Start button so that start the console search. You can too register it manually from Settings> Remote Play connection settings> Add device and entering the code that appears on the PS4 there.

  2. After a series of informative messages from the app, you can operate the analog controls by tapping at the bottom of the screen. Thus, the buttons of the controller will appear on your mobile and it will be ready to control the PS4 remotely.

App Remote Play PS4

This is the process you must follow to use your mobile as a PS4 controller.

Thanks to functions like this, the PS4 Remote Play app has become an essential tool for all those who have a PS4 at home. In addition to using your mobile as a controller, you can also connect the PS4 controller to your mobile to play console from your own phone.

How to use your mobile as a Nintendo Switch controller

As with PS4, there is a free application that can be used to turn your mobile into a Nintendo Switch controller. Even if it is not an official Nintendo app and is still in the Alpha development phase, JoyCon Droid It is a good option to increase the number of controls for the console and thus be able to join more players to the game.

Before explaining how to use the JoyCon Droid app to turn your mobile into a Nintendo Switch controller, we must clarify that this not compatible with all phones. In addition, this phase of Alpha development can cause some malfunctions, such as disconnections between mobile and console for no apparent reason, as we have verified during the test.

After clarifying these details, it is time to download joycon droid on your mobile and enable bluetooth so that both devices can connect. At first, you will see a detailed guide with the steps to follow. From there, follow this process to use your mobile as a Nintendo Switch controller.

  1. On the Nintendo Switch, go to Controls> Change the order or clamping mode.

  2. On your mobile, open JoyCon Droid and select in what kind of controller do you want convert your mobile: JoyCon left, JoyCon right or Pro Controller.

  3. From the options menu that appears, select “Later”.

  4. Accept JoyCon Droid’s request for your phone to be visible to other devices through Bluetooth.

  5. Accept linking with Nintendo Switch on your mobile. Thus, the buttons of the Switch controller will appear on the phone screen and with them you can easily control the console.

Use mobile as a Nintendo Switch controller

Steps you must follow in the JoyCon Droid app to connect your mobile and the Nintendo Switch.

It’s that easy to use JoyCon Droid to transform your mobile into a controller for the Nintendo Switch. If until now you did not compete with more friends playing Mario Kart due to lack of controls, that is already a problem of the past. Remember that this is a app in development, so you may experience disconnections between devices when using it. In addition, you should know that it has a paid version of 5.99 euros to remove the ads.

How to use your mobile as a remote for the computer

To turn your mobile into a universal remote for your computer you need a application called Max Remote – Computer. As in the two previous cases, this app is the one that adds the buttons of the controller to the screen of your mobile so that you can remotely manage what happens on the PC.

Although the app has a paid version without ads and with some advanced functions, you can use its main functions with the free version. In order to take advantage of its advantages, you must also download the Max Remote – PC Remote Control program to your computer, which will allow the connection with the mobile. In addition, you must take into account that both the computer and the phone must be connected to the same WiFi network.

After opening the app on your mobile and the program on your computer, both devices will connect and you can select in the terminal what type of remote control you want to convert it to. You can use it as a keyboard and mouse, as a gamepad or as a joystick for the Nintendo 64. You have more than 20 models to choose from, and if you pay for the premium version you can create your own controller.

In addition to Max Remote, in the Play Store you can find other apps to use your mobile as a command for your computer. Some of them are PC Remote, DroidJoy and Ultimate Gamepad, all available in the Google app store for free.

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