How to view all specifications on a Lenovo laptop running Windows 10

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Knowing the specifications of a computer in detail is as simple as turning to the manufacturer’s box. Unfortunately, this information is not always as complete as we would like. In the second-hand market, for example, this information is vital if we do not want to fall into traps, especially if we are talking about portable equipment, like Lenovo’s ThinkPads or Lenovo’s IdeaPad series.

As they are devices composed of one piece, access to the components is much more limited. Fortunately, Windows 10 allows us to see the specifications of a computer without too many complications. This time we will show you how to see all the specifications of a Lenovo laptop from the native options of Windows 10 or through third-party programs.

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System and dxdiag: the easiest way to know the characteristics of a computer

To know the list of specifications of our Lenovo laptop, the easiest way is to resort to the System and dxdiag options. Accessing the System menu is as simple as right-clicking on the Windows icon in the Start menu. Then, we will click on the homonymous option until a window like the one we can see in the following image appears:

How to view all specifications on a Lenovo laptop running Windows 10 1

This menu will show us essential information about the equipment, such as the processor model, amount of installed RAM, and system type and version (Windows 10 Pro 64-bit, Windows 10 Home 32-bit…). If we want to know the technical information of the installed graphics card we will have to resort to the dxdiag menu, which we can access by typing the name of the program in the Windows 10 search box, in the Start menu.

see specifications lenovo 3 laptop

Inside the dxdiag menu we will click on the Screen option. Now the program will show us all the information about the graphics card (model, physical memory, DirectX version …), as well as the number of graphics cards installed.

Task manager: check all the information on your PC at a glance

Another option to know the specifications of a computer in detail is to resort to the Windows 10 Task Manager, which we can access by pressing right click on the bottom bar of Windows. With the program open, we will click on More details to expand the information displayed by the menu.

see specifications lenovo 2 laptop

Finally, we will click on the Performance option to take a look at all the components of the equipment, from the type of processor and the cores to the information of the network card. The interesting thing about this menu is that we can analyze the behavior of all the components of the computer in real time, such as the processor load, the occupation of the RAM memory, the disk use or the number of bytes handled by the network card.

HWinfo, the most complete program to view computer information

see specifications lenovo 1 laptop

If there is a program that allows us to know all the specifications of a computer in detail, it is HWinfo. It is a totally free tool with which we can see all the components installed on our computer, as well as the technical information of each of the elements that compose it. Battery, motherboard, BIOS version, sensors, sound card, network card, monitor, video adapter, USB ports… In short, everything we can think of.

The program in question also it has a portable version, so we will not have to install it manually to run it on the computer.

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