How to watch a movie online with someone far away

Watch a movie online with someone far away

(Photo by Noah Buscher on Unsplash)In this time of social distance and staying at home, it is helpful to spend some time online with someone special, friends and family. Thanks to technology, online socializing has even gone a step further and you can now watch a movie online with someone.

Just because you can’t go to that dinner and movie date doesn’t mean you can’t spend quality time with the people you love. These days, it’s quite easy to host a movie night to both break the boredom of watching alone and share some quality time. This has been made possible by various apps and browser extensions with which you can watch a movie online with someone far away, by syncing your title and providing text, audio and even video calling features.

In this guide, we’ll show you the best browser extensions, apps, and online sites to use for this. The services support all devices, but a laptop or desktop is recommended.

You may need to bypass geographic restrictions

Due to geographic restrictions imposed by streaming servicesWatching a movie online with someone thousands of miles away or even just outside the country can be quite complicated. This is because most of the movie sync services we’re going to discuss here simply let you sync your videos, but they do not make videos available with geographic restrictions.

This means that in addition to a subscription to the service you want to stream, you also need a streaming VPN. A good VPN can help by giving you or your special someone a virtual location, something that allows a limited service or title to be available.

Choosing a streaming VPN should be done carefully, however, since most VPNs cannot work with services such as Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime, etc. This is because these streaming services usually block VPNs to comply with licensing regulations.

The best VPN for streaming

The best VPN for streaming on Netflix and other geo-restricted services is CyberGhost VPN. This is because the VPN has dedicated streaming servers which are labeled according to different streaming services in different locations.

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These include Netflix, Disney +, HBO, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Amazon Prime, YouTube Premium, Crunchyroll, ZDF, CBC and ESPN + among others.

Further, CyberGhost offers a smart DNS service which allows users to change their streaming library without even using a VPN, something that ensures maximum speeds. The Smart DNS service is quite easy to set up and you can choose an IP address from several locations.

To get you started, CyberGhost has partnered with BestDroidPlayer to offer a 57% discount to new subscribers. You can take advantage of the offer below and you will still be eligible for one 45-day money-back guarantee.

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How to Change Netflix Country

Best extensions to watch a movie online with someone far away

Netflix party

Netflix party helps you watch movies online with someone far away

Netflix Party is a great way to enjoy Netflix with a friend, and it has become quite popular in recent months. It is actually a Google Chrome extension that provides an easy way to sync and watch Netflix together while chatting.

For starters, the two of you need to install the extension on Google Chrome or Edge Chromium. From there you have to launch a Netflix title with your browser and Netflix Party will give an option to start the party and share the link. You can choose to give the other person control.


Scener is an excellent streaming app that puts you in the scene online with someone far away

Scener is more like Netflix Party, but on a bigger level. This service allows users to sync Netflix, Disney +, HBO Max, Hulu, Prime Video, Vimeo or Funimation with anyone. All you need to do is install Scener, which is also available
as a Chrome add-on, and then subscribe to the service you want to watch together.

Scener lets you invite an unlimited number of people, so you and your team can watch together in a private, invitation-only theater. The Chrome extension has a great popup that shares data with the rest of the browser, and you can have an audio or video call when watching with friends.


With this add-on you can cast movies with someone far away

Closet is a bit different from the other services mentioned here, in that sense is not limited to particular streams, which is great. The app allows a user to watch a movie online with someone by letting them share their browser while providing video calling, audio calling and chat options. This means you can play Netflix, YouTube, other streaming services and even games with Kast!

Creating a chat room is quite easy and you can use the service in your browser or download an app. You can then Invite whoever you want to your chat room and start binge-watching together. You can also participate in and watch other public chat rooms.


With this app you can stream and watch movies online with someone far away

Watch2gether just does that – it lets people watch together, with everyone in control. One of the best things about the service is that you just have to open it in the browser and you will be automatically assigned a temporary room without the need for an account. You can then share your link with the person you want to watch with. You can then watch in real time.

Watch2gether specializes in social media and you can search and share content from YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Podcasts, Mixcloud, Soundcloud, Deezer, etc. While watching, you can chat via text, audio, and even video calls.


No matter two or seven, you can put a lot of people far away together

TwoSeven is another great option you can use to watch a movie online with someone. It is a browser-based service that only requires you to install an extension and create a free account. After you sign up, you can sync and watch YouTube, Netflix, Amazon, HBO, Vimeo, Web and personal videos. With a subscription, you can get more features, stream Hulu and Disney, and share your screen.

TwoSeven does not limit the number of participantsso you can enjoy movies with your team. The service also offers text, audio and video capabilities.


Since even a favorite activity like binge-watching can sometimes get boring when you’re alone, now take advantage of the great functionalities of the above extensions and do it with someone even when you’re far away

To remember

If you can’t sync a particular video, you may need to do this connect your Cyberghost VPN to a location where the title is available.

I hope this article on How to Watch a Movie Online with Someone Far Away can help to make the party. If so, rate and share it with all your friends wherever they are. Here are some Options TheWatchSeries

So let’s enjoy the party!

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