How to Watch Free Theater Movies: A Beginner's Guide

Cutting the cord has become the norm these days and the industry has responded by offering premium streaming platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc. These platforms can be quite expensive, and they aren’t even reliable for watching the latest blockbusters.

Fortunately, there are tons of free streaming options; they can let you enjoy the latest movies, fill gaps in your movie history and even discover some hidden gems. These free streaming options work in very different ways and use different technologies; so it ultimately comes down to what you prefer, although it is advisable to choose a variety. In this post, we give a in-depth beginner’s guide on how to watch theater movies for free.

How to Watch Theater Movies Online for Free

Note: stream carefully

It is important to note that while you can stream movies online for free, some of the links you get, and especially for blockbuster movies, have mostly been pirated. This means viewing and downloading such content illegal and can easily get you in trouble.

There also is a constant oppression to torrents, Kodi add-ons and streaming apps that allow users to illegally access copyrighted content; this has led to shutdowns and bans from some popular streaming options. Thousands of users also have receive notices of copyright infringement; others have facing legal costs.

Stream safely

If you want to watch theatrical movies for free, we highly recommend never do this without connecting to a good VPN. A reliable VPN helps protect both your identity and your data by encrypting your traffic; then securely tunnel it to a private server of your choice. This server spoofs your IP address to give you a new identity; then it connects you to the internet.

However, you should also be excited about the VPN you choose; not all VPNs are suitable for free streaming. Some VPNs do not provide the required levels of privacy and security; others are not quick enough to smoothly stream content hosted on free servers.

The best streaming VPN

The VPN we recommend for streaming is IPVanish, and it is the best VPN for streaming. To come to this conclusion, we tested and compared several of the best VPNs on the market. IPVanish stands out due to its excellent streaming capabilities, including:

  • Excellent speeds
  • Zero log policy
  • Allows P2P and torrenting
  • Huge server network
  • Easy to use apps
  • Premium encryption security
  • 100% money back guarantee.

To help you stream safely, IPVanish is currently offering an exclusive 57% discount for BestDroidPlayer readers. You can use the button below to get your discount. After registration you are still eligible for a 100% money back guarantee.

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If you want to watch theatrical movies for free, you can use Kodi, Stremio or third-party streaming apps.

Free streaming on Android appsThe best Android apps to watch theatrical movies for free

Free streaming apps have become quite popular over the years; there are apps that let you watch everything from live sports, live TV, TV shows and movies. The main problem with such apps is that not only do they require frequent updates (and thus an active developer), but also highly targeted by copyright authorities about piracy issues.

A popular app that has been disabled is Terrarium TV; an app that pretty much defined the era of free streaming apps. After Terrarium TV was dropped by the developer, many clones appeared to fill the gap.

Most of these apps are made for the Android platform; so they can be installed on Fire TV / Stick, Android TV Box, Nvidia Shield and Android smartphones.

Due to the popularity of free streaming apps, we usually provide a regularly updated list of the best Android streaming apps at any time. Aside from that, here are a few apps to get you started.

Before you stream a title with a free streaming app, make sure you are not held responsible for any copyright infringement. Make sure your IPVanish app is connected to a server.


As the name suggests, Cinema HD is a dedicated streaming app which allows you to watch recent and popular movies as well as TV shows. The streaming app is completely free, and you can search for almost any movie or TV show you are interested in.

Cinema HD is super easy to use, offering you dozens of streaming links that can be viewed in up to 1080p.

You can also integrate Really rubbish to get HD links and to keep track of what you watch. Check it out below.

How to install Cinema HD on Firestick & Android TV Box


ZiniTevi is a relatively new streaming app and one of the best you can go for. The app is completely free; it gives users the chance to enjoy their favorite movies and TV shows in HD and without ads.

One of the things we love about ZiniTevi is it great interface similar to Fire OS apps and is almost fully compatible with the Firestick remote.

The app lets users enjoy 720p and 1080p titles which are very well categorized for easy access. The app supports casting and syncs history and favorites.

Install ZiniTevi on Firestick and Android TV Box

Popcorn time

Popcorn Time is a bit different from the above streaming APKs in that sense uses torrent technology to provide content. The app has an integrated BitTorrent client that allows you to stream movies and TV shows through a built-in player. One of the best things about Popcorn T
ime is that it downloads some of the file before it starts streaming. This means that you can enjoy smooth streaming even with a slow internet connection.

However, torrenting has been targeted by ISPs and government agencies in recent years as millions around the world are using it for illegal streaming. It is therefore essential to take care of it before launching Popcorn Time, run a good VPN like IPVanish for privacy and anonymity.

How to install Popcorn Time on Android TV Box

Free streaming on Kodi

Watch free theater movies on Kodi
Browse movies on Kodi

Kodi is one of the most popular streaming platforms and it lets users stream theater movies with ease.

The platform itself contains no content, but it could be easy to configure to access titles by installing Kodi add-ons. In case you’re not familiar with Kodi add-ons, these are small programs that can crawl the web and return links that can be used to stream various titles.

Kodi addons are grouped based on the content they offer as there are Movie & Series Addons, Sports Addons, Live TV Addons and All in One Addons . We usually review the best and latest add-ons.

Here are some of the best add-ons to watch theater movies on Kodi.

free guides

Exodus Redux and V8

The loss of the Exodus Kodi add-on has dealt a massive blow to the Kodi community. This resulted in many clones of the same thing, but the add-on was later rebooted with Exodus Redux and Exodus V8. These two are quite similar, although there are few differences in terms of the scrappers.

Both work efficiently and can be used to stream movies and TV shows in HD for free. The two are among the top performing Kodi add-ons in 2020.

How to install Exodus Redux Kodi Addon
How to install Exodus V8 Kodi Addon

Magic dragon

How to Install Magic Dragon Kodi Addon to Watch 4K Movies & TV Shows

Magic Dragon is one of the most popular Kodi add-ons thanks to its huge content list. The add-on is one updated version of The Dog Bollocks Kodi add-on, and it can breathe new content to your Kodi.

Apart from streaming movies, Magic Dragon also lets users watch a variety of different content including sports, TV shows, live TV, radio channels, documentaries and more in up to 4K.

To enhance your movie streaming experience, the add-on allows you to connect to Real-Debrid for high-quality links and to keep track of your watch list.

How to install Magic Dragon on Kodi


Venom is a very popular Kodi add-on for movies and TV shows that offers a lot of free content in HD. The add-on is one fork of the original Exodus add-on, but it has some enhanced features and gets its links from various sources.

One of the standout features of the Venom Kodi add-on is an auto play function that automatically selects the link of the highest quality and plays it. This means it is a one-click play add-on as users only need to select a title. The add-on also allows the integration of Real-Debrid and

How to install Venom Kodi Addon

Kodi Tip: You can automatically add add-ons to your Kodi and improve your viewing experience by installing one of the best Kodi builds.

Watch theater movies on Stremio

Watch free theater movies on stremio
Stremio Library

Stremio is a free media center that works s
imilarly to Kodi in some ways. The app has become extremely popular, even among Kodi fans for its simplicity and excellent functionality.

Just like Kodi, Stremio lets you install third-party add-ons which you can use to stream everything from news, sports, movies, TV shows, music and live TV.

The media center differs from Kodi in that it is cloud-based. When you install an add-on on Stremio, it will be added not only to your device, but to your cloud-based account.

This means that when you install an add-on on your smartphone’s Stremio app, it will also sync with your PC, Firestick or Smart TV. This greatly improves the usability of the software.

The app is also more secure than Kodi because malicious developers who inject malware into an add-on to infect your device cannot do it with Stremio. You can install the media center on Windows PCs, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS devices (limited version).

Before streaming on Stremio, it is important to understand that the app chooses to stream from torrent sites through community add-ons. This means that you should always make sure that your VPN is connected for both privacy and to unblock any restricted torrent sites.

How to watch free theater movies on Stremio

Streaming theater movies for free on Stremio is much easier and smoother than with Kodi. With Stremio, all official and community add-ons can be installed in the app, so you don’t have to put in too much effort and build.

The first thing to do is install Stremio on your device from the store or download it from the official website – From there we recommend you Create a free account so you can sync your content across devices.

Once you open Stremio, you will find a “Discover” section where you can find almost any title you are looking for. These can be sorted in terms of movies, year, genre, etc.Watch theater movies for free

Since the app does not host any content, you will need to install add-ons to get links for these titles. You can go to the add-on section by clicking the add-on icon at the top left.Add Stremio Addons

You can select the movie filter to only get add-ons that offer movies. From there, just click “To install”Stremio addons

After installing several, now go back and click or search in the title you want. You will then get links with a quality of up to 4k.

You can add movies to your library, and Stremio even lets you pick up where you left off on any device. This option is available under ‘Board’.Watch theater movies for free

Stremio is my favorite option for streaming movies!

How about streaming websites?

There are websites that pop up from time to time that allow users to stream different titles. However, these websites usually are filled with intrusive advertisements that make it difficult to get started. Furthermore, most contain mostly old titles and you cannot really stream in 1080p and 4K.

Apart from that, such websites are aborted after a short time, making this an unreliable option.

Kodi, Stremio and streaming apps are the most reliable ways to watch theatrical movies for free.


With the above tips you
can easily enjoy theater films for free
. However, nothing free comes without a catch and, in this case, your privacy and security. To ensure that you do not run into legal problems, always connect to a good VPN like IPVanish to stay private and safe.

Enjoy your movie experience!

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