How to watch UFC Fight Night Deiveson vs Benavidez on Kodi for free

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Are you ready for the confrontation between Deiveson and Benavidez on July 18, 2020? It’s the upcoming UFC Fight Night that you can watch on Kodi for free. UFC Fight Island, Abu Dhabi is hosting UFC Fight Night Deiveson vs Benavidez behind closed doors due to the COVID-19 situation. But disappointment doesn’t have to gain the upper hand as you can watch UFC Fight Night Deiveson vs Benavidez for free on Kodi. I’ll show you how to watch Deiveson vs Benavidez on July 18 for free, but let’s see how things have evolved so far.

The UFC Fight Night Deiveson vs Benavidez

Deiveson vs Benavidez is the main fight of the UFC Fight Night July 18. You may remember Deiveson as the uncrowned flyweight champion after what happened when he convincingly overcame Benavidez the last time they met, but the UFC authorities booked the retake. However, Benavidez sees it as an opportunity for revenge. Deiveson, on the other hand, has spoken about his intentions to submit Benavidez for the first time.

Event details

  • Event Name: UFC Fight Night (Deiveson vs Benavidez)
  • Date: July 18, 2020
  • Time: 1:00 PM in New York, 6:00 PM (GMT-7) in London, 3:00 PM Abu Dhabi
  • Host: UFC Fight Island, Abu Dhabi (UAE)

Main card

How to Watch UFC Fight Night Deiveson vs Benavidez

UFC events are PPV, which means you have to pay to watch. However, you can watch it online for free with the right Kodi addons. Because those add-ons are third-party add-ons that are known for providing unauthorized links to streams that violate copyright rules. That is why it is so important to do what you can to protect your identity Stream UFC Fight Night on Kodi or other streaming apps.

Safe streaming in 2020

ISPs and government agencies continuously monitor the online activities of internet subscribers. Online streaming of premium or copyrighted websites and videos can cause problems if detected carelessly.

Safe streaming is possible with premium VPN services and you can select the best one based on:

  • Speed
  • Bandwidth
  • Server network dimension
  • Geographical distribution

The recommended VPN

I prefer CyberGhost for several reasons.

This is a fast VPN that gives you access to premium content from different regions. It has premium servers in many countries on six continents.

For unlimited bandwidth, you can opt for the premium CyberGhost plan.

CyberGhost uses strong encryption techniques to keep traffic hidden and it also protects your device from hackers. You can easily use public Wi-Fi networks without worrying about unauthorized access to your device CyberGhost protects all information.

CyberGhost allows you to stream regionally restricted videos and TV channels by bypassing regional blocks. CyberGhost is fast and safe. Not only does it protect your personal information, it also eliminates the frustration of speed control.

Of course the price is important and in this case CyberGhost also offers the best quality / price in the industry:

Best deal: $ 11.99 $ 2.75 / month for 18 months plan
45-day money-back guarantee

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Best Kodi addon to watch UFC Fight Night Deiveson vs Benavidez for free

If you don’t have a premium subscription to PPV streams, you should consider the free Kodi addon Watch UFC Fight Night on July 18 with Deiveson vs Benavidez. Unfortunately, Kodi doesn’t offer too many third-party add-ons to watch free premium content. Fight Club Kodi addon and some of the others we mention below are the exception.

free guides

Fighting club

Fight Club is best committed to martial arts add-on for Kodi and the right place to watch UFC Fight Night Deiveson vs Benavidez

The Fight Club Kodi addon allows you to stream Boxing, WWE, MMA and UFC Fights. You can easily stream the latest and classic battles. Fight Club is a newer add-on, but it still follows the same general structure as other Kodi add-ons, so it shouldn’t be difficult to navigate. The chronological order makes it super easy to browse events and find the right battles on the map. See how to install Fight Club on your Kodi device by following these instructions.

Johki’s Wrestling Kodi Addon

Johki's Wrestling is a Kodi sport streaming addon, good to watch UFC Fight Night Deiveson vs Benavidez

Johki’s has one of the strange names when it comes to add-ons. While it’s super descriptive, it lacks that Johki also supports UFC streams! While it’s not as easy to navigate as Fight Club, Johki is still a good option to have in your ‘corner’ (see what I did there?) If you’re looking for a good MMA add-on . See how to install Johki here.

Rising Tides

Rising Tides is dedicated to Kodi Addon

Rising Tides is a sports add-on that is not specifically dedicated to UFC, yet is an excellent add-on to watch UFC events. Within Rising Tides you will find links to the main event streams and PPV events. You can install Rising Tides on your device by following these instructions.


DAZN is a premium Kodi add-on, but you need login credentials or a subscription before you can use this add-on. DAZN is primarily intended for U.S. citizens. But if you have a VPN on the system, you can use a virtual IP address from the United States to easily use the DAZN Kodi addon. I highly recommend DAZN if you are a fan of sports and don’t mind paying a small surcharge as it is extremely easy to use and offers very high quality streams. In addition to the standard content, DAZN also offers unique curated content with its own selection of announcers and analysts that give a really nice spin. DAZN can be installed on Kodi through the official Kodi repository, and it also offers an Android client.

ESPN player

ESPN Player Kodi add-on requires an ESPN subscription and you need a username and password to stream UFC Fight Night on Kodi. This is also a premium service and no premium content is available for free. As with DAZN, the quality of the streams cannot be beaten here. As the main channel for UFC, ESPN is always a good option, but the rates are slightly higher. If you are interested in a large number of sports for a small fee, I recommend DAZN over ESPN. However, if you only want UFC, check it out. Remember that ESPN like DAZN mainly offers American content, so you need to activate and use a premium VPN service to get the most out of it. You can install ESPN through the official Kodi repository.


In this article about Night Deiveson vs Benavidez, we revealed the details about this UFC event and the way to watch the Fight Night online on your Kodi, using free third parties or official add-ons.

Make sure you don’t watch UFC Fight Night Deiveson vs Benavidez without a good VPN service. TV channels have broadcasting rights for certain regions and countries. In addition, this is paid content and using a free third-party add-on or application can be considered a violation of copyright and regional laws.

We hope this article can help you watch UFC Fight Night Deiveson vs Benavidez on Kodi.

Happy UFC Fight Night!

Disclaimer: BestDroidPlayer is in no way affiliated with a streaming application and its add-ons. We are also not associated with the brands shown here because the references are only informative. We do not support the use of illegal content; the content provided here is for information only. If you decide to use it somehow to watch UFC Fight Night Poirier vs Hooker, we recommend using a VPN.

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