How to write with one hand on Android phones


Mobiles are getting bigger and our hands continue to be the same size, this means that developers have to adapt to the needs of users and allow us, among other things, to write with one hand don’t be a problem. We cannot always use both hands to hold the phone and keyboard, for this reason it is very important to know the different ways to use this function.

In most of Android phones The default keyboard is Gboard which is developed by Google through the operating system, in other cases such as EMUI we will have to download it from the Google application store or resort to external sources. After this, using the mobile with only one hand will be very easy and simple, allowing us to do more things at once with the other hand or making it more accessible to those who need it.

Activate one-handed keyboard on Android

This process may vary slightly in the images and steps depending on whether we have Android stock or some customization layer, but basically the steps will be the same. If you prefer we can choose the following method that we explain below where the steps do not vary on any smartphone.

gboard android keyboard

  • We start by entering the mobile settings and searching for the system.
  • After the system we will enter languages ​​and text input.
  • Later on the on-screen keyboard and we will choose the Gboard keyboard.

This will take us to the settings of the keyboard itself in which we will click on preferences and in design we will choose the one hand mode. When you leave and return to one of the many services or mobile applications that need the keyboard, the keyboard will appear on one side.

Use one-handed keyboard quickly

If we have the default keyboard Gboard we are only going to have to start using an option you need from the keyboard and activate it from here. This change will be maintained in all the services of our mobile until we decide to deactivate it. The steps to follow are those:

keyboard one hand android

  • Click on the settings wheel that appears at the top of the keyboard.
  • Then we touch on preferences.
  • Finally we choose «One-handed mode» and if we want to use the keyboard on the right or left side.

One-handed keyboard options on Android

Once it is configured we can adapt it to our liking. We have the option to change the side to which we want to turn the keyboard for one-handed typing tapping on the side and center arrow, expand it on the button that integrates four arrows on all sides and finally the option below serves to change the position of the keyboard but if the fingers do not fall exactly to the point where they should on the keyboard.

keyboard settings one hand android

Written by Ruben De la Calle

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