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Huawei adds APKMirror as source to search apps in Petal Search

Huawei adds APKMirror as source to search apps in Petal Search

Huawei’s Petal Search wants to be a universal app search too, and adds to its sources the full APKMirror repository with access to an almost endless collection of apps

From the Trump The boys and girls of Huawei have not stopped working in the search for new solutions to avoid problems derived from the loss of Google Play certification for their smartphones, which have run out of American technology and an Android without Google that continues to improve while waiting for HarmonyOS.

In fact, the Chinese giant has wanted to offer millions of rain to developers so that they can quickly adapt their applications to the requirements of the App Gallery and its Huawei Mobile Services, also offering options for users to replace the most important Google services such as Maps, Search or YouTube, in your case Here Maps, Petal Search and DailyMotion.

Huawei will boost Petal Search with app searches in APKMirror

Huawei continues to search for and add alternatives to Google services on their mobiles

Be that as it may Huawei’s big surprise is none other than Petal Search, one more app that came with the vitola of a simple search bar, but that has become an essential widget in the new Android from Huawei. Not in vain, East metasearch engine is able to find almost any app universally, searching in different repositories including Huawei App Gallery, and from now also The complete collection of the popular APKMirror.

Huawei wants to enhance the App Gallery and its ‘Huawei Mobiler Services’, but the surprise box is undoubtedly Petal Search, which also wants to be a universal search engine for apps, including the full APKMirror repository.

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Huawei will boost Petal Search with app searches in APKMirror

Not only from App Gallery and its ‘Mobile Services’ does Huawei want to drink, it adds the power of APKMirror to Petal Search

Petal Search offers the APKMirror collection, and implements support for XAPK files

The capacities of a Petal Search despised in the first instance, and to which all Huawei mobile users they have been taking the taste as new functionalities were implemented.

In fact, Huawei’s search bar already offers APK support from multiple sources, like Huawei App Gallery, Aptoide, APKMonk, APKCenter, Uptodown or APKPure, now also including the complete repository of a APKMirror long since become one of the most reliable alternatives to Google Play Store.

It is true in any case that some repositories like Aptoide have been shown to be quite insecure due to the malware, even if APKMirror offers us a little more reliability, since it is probably the only repository of apps for Android that verifies all the published applications, and that check cryptographic signatures to see if they match the original developer’s APK.

In Petal Search you can search for any app, and the results will intermix themselves showing the source repository where available. The option APKMirror will automatically download the latest version of the app, something very useful and that will avoid having to navigate between options, as it should be noted that APKMirror always saves a history and you can access previous versions of any app from its website.

APKMirror, one of the most reliable repositories of apps on Android

APKMirror, one of the most reliable repositories of apps on Android

And now also compatible with XAPK files

The last of the integrated and announced news for Petal Search, is its XAPK file compatibility, which will allow us to directly install this type of packages that integrate both the APKs of the apps and the rest of the necessary data inside for correct installation.

This opens the possibility for Petal Search find XAPK files and allow us to run them without external installers, facilitating the task for the user and thus correcting one of the basic needs of many apps to work on the fork Android that are now used by Huawei mobiles.

Still, it remains solve the need that many apps have about APIs and Google services, something that does not have such an easy solution and that requires development and adaptation insurance to the platform and to the Huawei Mobile Services. It seems that indeed, the steps taken will be retraced by Huawei, which seeks to grow its new services and not return to the shelter of Google … Will they succeed?

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