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Huawei new number one in the smartphone market

Huawei new number one in the smartphone market

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According to market researchers, the Chinese Huawei group has become number one in the smartphone market for the first time, regardless of the pressure from US sanctions.

Huawei benefited from its strong position in the domestic market in the past quarter, while sales at long-time market leader Samsung slumped in the corona crisis, as the analysis company Canalys explained on Thursday. “It wouldn’t have happened without Covid-19,” Canalys analyst Ben Stanton emphasized about the change at the top.

At Canalys, global sales at Samsung fell 30 percent year-over-year to 53.7 million devices. For Huawei, however, the market researchers determined a decline of only five percent to 55.8 million smartphones. The decisive factor was the development in the Chinese market, which is already clearly recovering from the Corona crisis. According to Canalys, Huawei’s sales outside of China dropped 27 percent – in contrast, 8 percent more computer phones were sold in the home market.

Huawei now sells 72 percent of its devices in China – at the beginning of last year it was only half.

The U.S. government calls Huawei a security risk and in May last year put the company on a list of companies whose business relationships with American partners are subject to strict controls. Shortly afterwards, certain transactions were permitted with a special permit. However, Huawei cannot preinstall Google services on its new models, which worsens sales opportunities outside of China.

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