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Huawei surpasses Samsung for the first time as the world's largest seller of smartphones

Huawei surpasses Samsung for the first time as the world's largest seller of smartphones

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A few years ago, the head of Huawei said that the company he runs would become the largest smartphone manufacturers in the world. But he did not have the fatal blow that the American government dealt him by vetoing him and not allowing him to use software or hardware designed in the United States.

A few months later, the company launched its first flagship, without Google services. The mobile is very good, everything wonderful in the world of photography and everything you want, but it does not have the services of Google, so, for many users, it’s like a dry digital camera.

Despite the sharp drop in sales it suffered in all markets, the patriotic pride of the Chinese, has allowed the company to remain positioned as one of the manufacturers that sells the most smartphones. Last year, before the American government ban, it had already overtaken Apple as the second-largest smartphone maker.

According to the guys from Canalys, Huawei has overtaken Samsung in this second quarter of the year, selling 55.8 million smartphones for Samsung’s 53.7 million. Again, Huawei has taken advantage of the patriotic pull it is having in its country of origin due to the continuous tripping coming from the United States.

Samsung, like other manufacturers like Apple, have suffered this second trimester due to the pandemic caused by the coronavirus, since sales have been greatly reduced, something that has not happened in China, since it was one of the first countries to control and overcome the disease.

To confirm whether Huawei has really overtaken Samsung, we’ll have to wait to see what the IDC report says, another analyst who publishes a report every quarter with smartphone sales worldwide. Samsung, like Apple, hope that now that we are returning to this new normal, smartphone sales figures are back to usual.

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