Huawei updates its 2016 bestseller

Huawei updates one of its most popular mobiles with the latest security patch and several interesting news.

Good news for you if you still have your old Huawei P9 from 2016: four years after its launch, Huawei keep updating which in its day was one of the most popular phones in its catalog.

As pointed out in the HuaweiCentral portal, the company you have updated the device with a new version of software which brings one of the latest system security patches, as well as new enhancements and features.

The Huawei P9 is updated with the July patch and more interesting news

Huawei P9

In 2020, the Huawei P9 continues to receive updates.

With more than 12 million units sold, the Huawei P9 was It has been one of the best-selling models of the Chinese company.

The terminal was launched in 2016, and reached the market with Android 6. Currently, the version that this device runs is Android 8 Oreo.

But Huawei has decided keep updating the terminal even four years after its presentation. Although the new version has been released in China at first, it is to be expected that sooner or later it will end up reaching the rest of the regions.

The complete list of news coming to the Huawei P9 with this update it is as follows:


  • The Smart Charge function is added, which reduces battery degradation by adapting the charging routine based on automatic learning systems. This feature will be enabled by default.

  • Smart Battery: intelligently reduces battery capacity to reduce battery degradation, based on battery status. It can be tested in Settings / Battery / More / Activate Smart Battery Capacity.


  • Android security patch updated to July 2020 to improve system security.

While the list of novelties is not too long, it will certainly be a update more than welcome by those who they still use their Huawei P9. We trust that it will not take too long to cross the border of China to reach the rest of the regions.

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