Huawei would abandon 5G because of Donald Trump

The United Kingdom will not allow access to 5G network technology to Huawei after pressure from Donald Trump, president of the United States.

The trade war between China and the United States continues. A few weeks ago Donald Trump, President of the United States, extended the veto to Huawei until 2021, thus preventing US companies from working with the Chinese company or buying any type of component from it until, at least, May of next year. A veto that started last year and that, due to pressure from the current American president, it would have a new consequence: Huawei could abandon 5G.

Due to pressure from Donald Trump and local politicians, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson, is making a series of moves to remove Huawei from the country’s 5G networks, as indicated by the Daily Telegraph. A decision prompted by pressure from the President of the United States, and the campaign his government has been promoting, and by security concerns. For these reasons, the United Kingdom is developing a plan to prevent the Chinese company from accessing 5G networks.

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Huawei logo on the back of the Huawei P30.

The US government has been campaigning for other countries, especially its allies, to block the use of Huawei on 5G networks as they claim that the company has close ties to the Chinese government, which represents a security risk. Some accusations that from the tech giant have already denied, but still some countries have heeded the requests of the United States. A decision that is affecting the company’s plans, especially when it comes to expanding its business to other territories outside Asia.

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UK will not allow access to 5G network technology to Huawei

Android 5G

5G network technology is being implemented worldwide.

At one point from the UK they said they were considering a limited role for Huawei as they prepare for the launch of 5G next year. However, some reports assure that Donald Trump was not happy with that agreement, so a new report was commissioned from the British Intelligence Agency GCHQ that analyzed security fears, since Huawei products may not use materials from US companies.

The same media reports that said review will be officially presented this week and that the conclusion is that Huawei will use “unreliable technology”, so the security risks are insurmountable. Now the government is considering stopping the purchase of equipment from the Chinese firm and may even remove existing 5G products that have been installed. A decision that will also affect the launch of 5G network technology in the UK.

At the moment, the government of that country has not spoken and has not indicated what role has the United States played in this decision, reason why it will be necessary to be attentive to any movement.

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